Speaking Your Language

Speaking Your Language

The thing with Mandarin Chinese, Derek Murphy ’21 says, is, it’s a tonal language. Intonation, the stressing of certain syllables over others, changes the meaning of the word. For instance, you hear “Shanghi” and think Chinese city, but the speaker’s intonation might mean they’re expressing a desire to hurt you.

Unrivaled Competition

Unrivaled Competition

If you like fierce rivalries, gravity-defying athleticism, nail-biting contests and the roar of a crowded arena, then you will like Rhody basketball. For 80 years, the URI men’s basketball team has brought big-time excitement and national attention to the village of Kingston, Rhode Island and beyond.

The Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing

Learning is about transformation, and the new Rhode Island Nursing Education Center in Providence positions URI nursing students at the forefront of transformation in the field of health care.

Jennifer Bairam working in a lab

Meet Your Mentor

Jennifer Bairam, a senior in the University of Rhode Island’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science program, had been eager to get real-world exposure to potential career paths in the pharmaceutical industry.

URI 2017 Fall Colloquium: Origins: Life, the Universe and Everything

Honors Colloquium Examines ‘Origins’

Scientists and science enthusiasts will examine the cell, the cosmos, and all in between at the Fall 2017 Honors Colloquium. “Origins: Life, the Universe and Everything” features world-renown scientists going big and deep, plumbing the recesses of the universe and the universe that is the human mind. Topics addressed will include the origins of life, solar […]

Out and Proud at URI supports the university's LGBTQ community

Out and Proud

For most in the LBGTQ community, coming out isn’t a one-time thing. With each new situation — be it a job change, a move to a different area, starting college, meeting a new person — there are the questions of if, when, where and how the subject of sexual orientation or gender identity will be broached. Or not.

Get Your Sea Legs

Get your sea legs

Despite its name, our renowned Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) isn’t just for graduate students. Undergraduates can take courses, assist with research projects and even go to sea aboard URI’s research vessel, the Endeavor.

Derek Nikitas

You’ve Been Warned — Again

Locals shudder at the memory of the Thorpe family massacre, but the new owners, the Whitmores, are New York tough and primed to take on what comes, including a Thanksgiving nor-easter that leaves them without power. That is, until a stranger turns up at their door and they, too, turn up dead.

Students working on computers in the Fine Arts and Design Living and Learning Community at URI's Hillside Hall

Live and learn

Much as first-year students are champing at the bit to get to college, collegiate life can still be a challenge for them.

Monitoring Our Water

Monitoring our water

Nonstick cookware and firefighting foam are miles apart in their purpose, but they have one thing in common. Both are made with chemicals that could be contaminating drinking water and posing a human health hazard.

URI student Kayla Lombardi '18, of North Kingstown, RI, interned with Audi in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, as part of her international business dual degree program

Go Global

To be competitive in today’s global marketplace, students must display not only great aptitude in their chosen fields but also demonstrate the skills and talents of global citizens — skills such as bilingualism and cultural literacy.

Tackle Aging.

An older man carefully walks a straight line marked on the carpet while students assess his gait. In a room nearby, students review a woman’s medication use.