On the Move: Kinesiology in the classroom

On the move.

The second-graders at West Kingston Elementary School are models of scholarly focus, reading silently and intently. Meanwhile, they wobble in their seats, pedal their legs under their desks or sway on balance boards.

gypsy moths

Ick: Moths, Mosquitoes, and Ticks

They’re tiny terrors that pack a powerful punch. Ticks, mosquitoes, and caterpillars have laid siege to Rhode Island, carrying with them real threats of disease and devastation. Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Zika and “bull’s eye rash” are now part of our summertime vernacular. URI’s experts in these areas are in high demand by local and […]

Lead by example

Lead by example.

There’s no shortage of student leaders at URI.

More than 200 students and student groups vied for four A. Robert Rainville Leadership Awards—the largest number of nominee-applicants in the history of the competition, which has been bestowing the awards since 1989.

Commencement 2017

Commencement 2017

Breaking News

Breaking News

The film footage shows a 5-year-old Marissa Tansino in the biting rain, pink raincoat on, pink umbrella in hand, reporting the news as she stands in the rubble of what had been her grandparents’ concrete wall. Her crew: her dad and his Sony Handycam. “The wall has fallen down,” Tansino tells her audience. “But nobody got hurt.” Sixteen years […]

Autumn Guillotte

And the honors go to…

When URI President David Dooley and a crowd of other officials recently gathered outside Autumn Guillotte’s history class, she had no idea that she would soon be the center of attention. The faculty and administrators were there to announce that Autumn had been awarded a $30,000 Truman Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship in the nation for students seeking careers in public service.

Students Helping Students

As the University prepares for its Day of Giving on Tuesday, April 25, the student philanthropists comprising the award-winning URI Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) are mounting their own campaign to link student philanthropy with pride in URI.

The work of the 25-member Council focuses both on promoting the impact of philanthropy on URI and on fundraising for the University of Rhode Island’s Students First Fund. The Fund, created in 2014, provides emergency financial assistance to students who find themselves in immediate and unexpected crises – think of a house fire that leaves student tenants temporarily homeless or a death in the family that requires a cash-strapped student to buy a plane ticket, said Erin Regan ’18, SPC chairperson.

Student walking into chemistry building

Chemical Reaction.

As you walk into the Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences, you know you’ve entered a world where chemistry is celebrated. The entrance, which features an illuminated depiction of the periodic table of elements, is dazzling. The periodic table has never looked better.

leadership studies minor with laptop

Lead the way.

Alain Audate, a sophomore business administration major saw the leadership studies program as a way to make connections with other student leaders and find his true potential. “It’s been a great experience that has not only helped me meet some great peers, but it has also helped me learn a lot about myself. It’s pushing me to use my strengths in the community,” he said.

Surfing exercise from Brain Fair

Brain Waves.

The University of Rhode Island’s motto is Think Big, We Do; and the results of some of that big thinking were evident at the URI Brain Fair, which brought some 500 people to campus this spring. The free, interactive, family-friendly event sponsored by URI’s George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience featured researchers, faculty, staff, and students from several colleges and departments.

AHC students in Guatemala during Jterm

Learn without limits.

Traveling can open our minds and expose the artificiality of our human-imposed borders. And when travel includes multi-disciplinary approaches to education, our perspectives widen further. Just ask students and faculty within URI’s Academic Health Collaborative.

2017 A10 basketball champs

Congratulations Rams

Rhode Island romped through the 2017 A-10 Tournament, trailing for just 43 seconds over 120 minutes against St. Bonaventure, Davidson, and VCU en route to the program’s first conference crown since 1999.