Welcome to the first issue of the University of Rhode Island Magazine!

Your magazine has a new name and a new look—in print and online. The stories here incorporate a variety of URI voices. They tell stories from our community and of interest to our community. We hope you will find something here that speaks to you, and we invite you to share your reactions and ideas by commenting on the stories here on the website or by emailing us at urimag@uri.edu.   

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Fall 2018


Why Hip-Hop Matters

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Welcome to your URI Magazine

From the President


  • Surfer mid-air Sharing Waves - Thank you for sharing your surfing photos and stories. Now it's our turn to share. Here's a compilation of the photos, stories, and memories you sent in or tagged on Instagram.
  • students walking on the quad in blizzard conditions Caption This - Do you have a funny idea for a caption for this photo from the 1969 Grist? Let us know in the comments!
  • Photo of Charles Watson and Andy Llaguno working with student-athlete Kevin Lawrence ’20. Engineering for Athletes - URI athletic trainers are working with biomedical engineering students to optimize protective gear, prosthetics, and braces to better support and protect student-athletes.
  • Basketball Courtside - It’s Rhody basketball season! Here are a few things you need to know about this year’s men’s and women’s teams.
  • Dave Rowley Pass the Cranberries - College of Pharmacy Professor Dave Rowley has researched the beneficial agents found in cranberries, so we asked him to share some of the benefits of eating this traditional holiday food.

= Caption This =

Do you have a funny idea for a caption for this photo from the 1969 Grist?

Let us know!

Enter the contest
  • Person using a smartphone Smarter in an Instant - “If a student is even touching a phone, it’s one point off of their final average.”
  • How to Be at Peace - Thupten Tendhar of URI's Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies shares some expert advise on staying present, calm, and peaceful.
  • Student Journalism in the Age of Mistrust - Student journalists at URI's Good Five Cent Cigar strive to understand and prepare themselves for “real-world” journalism, but must also consider the role of student journalism.
  • Photo of Allie Herrera Getting the Story - Less than a year after finishing her journalism degree, Herrera earns her stripes interviewing, writing, and delivering the story live.
  • Photo of Brianna Madia with her husband, Keith, dogs, Bucket and Dagwood, and Bertha—the van they call home. Life on Purpose - It's the stuff social media dreams are made of - beautiful, young, nomadic couple, living in a van with their dogs. Storyteller and Instagram celebrity Brianna Madia '11 is living life her way.
  • Photo of Darran Simon Have a Plan and Be Willing to Change It - Career advice from a CNN Digital senior writer
  • Sigrid Berka Language Lessons - The true value of learning a new language is in stepping out of our comfort zones and becoming open to lessons in empathy, culture, and perspective.
  • Photo of Barbara Caron's Grandfather wedding. From the Editor - I feel very fortunate to introduce myself to you as the editor of the very first issue of the University of Rhode Island Magazine. A product of many months of research, readership surveys, and hard work by the previous editor—my colleague and friend, Pippa Jack—your newly named and redesigned URI magazine will continue to bring […]
  • Bryan Dewsbury Scientific Method - For students struggling in Bryan Dewsbury’s first-year biology classes, the intervention starts before class is over.
  • All Quiet Undersea - URI Today: After periodic acoustic monitoring of the Block Island Wind Farm, a URI ocean engineer has found that the sound from the turbines is having no detectable effect on the marine environment.
  • Photo of Michael Shawver Editing Black Panther - Michael Shawver '06 Co-editor of the blockbuster 2018 movie, Black Panther
  • students walking on the quad in blizzard conditions Photo Caption Contest - Announcing the winner of the Summer 2018 caption contest.
  • Photo of Samuel Morrissey Winter Waves - “I always bring my camera when I head out to surf.”
  • Answering a Call to Lead - At URI, Marisa O'Gara '12 found mentors and opportunities to develop as a scholar and an activist.
  • Kyla Duffy Falling for Film - The digital age has brought a new wave of photography. Today, nearly everyone has access to a camera, and photographs can be taken, reviewed, and shared in a matter of seconds.


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