Fall 2019


Engineering Unbound

Look Around

The Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering

Photo by Nora Lewis

Engineers have big problems to solve. In URI’s newest building, glass walls and open space set the stage for revolutionary solutions.

Alien Invasion

URI researchers are advancing our understanding of non-native species.

They're Here


From the President

  • A person reading an open book From the Editor - I become invested in the stories you read in URI Magazine the same way I do when reading a good novel.
  • Dave Lavallee Why I Ride - Want to help combat climate change? Stop driving to work and start riding your bicycle. Dave Lavallee shares why he rides in almost any weather.
  • Harrington School director Adam Roth, URI President David M. Dooley, Christiane Amanpour, Jean Harrington, and Richard Harrington ‘73, Hon. ‘02 celebrate the official opening of the Broadcast Center. Superb September for Harrington School - After announcing a $4 million gift commitment, the School hosted a lecture by CNN chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour '83, Hon. '95.
  • Three dog tails Heads or Tails? - Dogs wag their tails. It’s how we know they’re happy. But does that behavior separate your best friend from a wolf? Kate Fish thinks it might.
  • Nicolle Potvin '17 From Despair to Dedication - Nicolle Potvin '17 found the support she needed at URI. Now she’s found her place providing critical support for others.


The Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the United States. Browse a gallery of photographs in our cover story.




An old black and white photo of students and professors in a lab studying animal skeletons

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Frozen in Time

The Whole Picture
Lauren Buchholz ’17 at the 2017 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in Heilongjiang Province, China

Lauren Buchholz ’17
Studying in China completely changed my world view, and gave me some of the biggest challenges and joys of my life.