TEDxURI 2018

TEDxURI: A View to the Future happened on February 10, 2018.

It featured talks from 14 speakers and included two TED videos, David Byrne at TED2010 and Chinaka Hodge at TEDWomen 2016.

Robert Ballard

The new age of ocean exploration

When the Law of the Sea Convention was signed in 1983, it doubled the size of the United States, but it wasn’t until years later that anyone was tasked with exploring that new territory. Robert Ballard reveals what we’ve learned about our oceans and the cutting-edge technology that makes those discoveries possible.

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Patrick Condon

How to live life like you’re dying

Patrick Condon tells us about the life lessons he learned since receiving a diagnosis that came with a very real but uncertain chance of death, and how those lessons can be applied to lead a better life.

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Silvia Dorado

The disappearance of relationship banking

Silvia Dorado wants us to learn a three-word term: relationship-based lending. The term describes lending with heavy involvement of loan officers, and it explains why and how microfinance can act as a tool for poverty alleviation.

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Dan Faggella

Job security in the age of artificial intelligence

The job market may not be the same with the advent of AI tools. In this talk, Dan Faggella shares factors that contribute to job security in the future job market, and an outlook of social risks.

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Nancy Forster-Holt

ENDrepreneurs and the future of small businesses

Large numbers of small business owners are heading into retirement, most don’t know how. Nancy Forster-Holt tells the story of the former owner of the company that she and her husband acquired.

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Elizabeth Gruebel

The power of family stories

Elizabeth Gruebel reveals to us the transformative power of family stories, which connect us to our past, anchor us in the present, and can even shape our future.

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Anna LaCroix

Limiting rates of sexual assault

Anna LaCroix talks about eliminating sexual assault through education beginning in middle school.

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Akeem Lloyd

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a vehicle to creating a stronger community, and Akeem Lloyd discusses why more people should invest in the opportunity to be more involved.

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Aria Mia Loberti

The power of solidarity and silence

Aria Mia Loberti’s experiences growing up with a disability and as an advocate for equity have offered her many lessons, and she will share one of her most vital: How can we use our voices to inspire and enact positive change in our world?

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Andrea Mason

The philosophy behind fashion

Andrea Mason explores a personal moment where she criticized someone for what they were wearing, but was able to use philosophical ideas to reason away her own judgement and instill tolerance into her perspective.

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Kunal Mankodiya

Smart textiles for wearable telemedicine

As a child, Kunal Mankodiya helped sell textiles at his family-owned shop in India. Now, he demos his design of a “smart glove” that is a marriage between textile and technology.

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Elizabeth Mendenhall

Sea levels rising

Global sea level rise will cause significant practical challenges, but also create novel legal issues. Elizabeth Mendenhall discusses the practical and legal choices we are faced with, how they relate to each other, and what we should do.

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Erik Schlicht

The myth of the starving artist

Erik Schlicht challenges the conventional wisdom that says that majors in the arts are impractical.

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Candice Genine Simmons

Does technology need a time out?

Technological advances: explosion or implosion? Dr. Candice Genine Simmons reveals the transformative nature of new technologies and communication across intellectual, cultural, and social landscapes, locally and globally.

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