2019 Speakers

Learn about the 2019 speakers and watch their talks here.  The 2020 speakers will be announced in October.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Rachel Ferreira


Disability as Diversity

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The Diversity Within

Disability has a negative connotation in our society. Rachel Ferreira recommends we put disability under the umbrella term of “diversity” and rename it “dif-ability.” After all, she says, it’s about being differently abled.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Sherente Harris


Gender in Native Cultures

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Complete the Circle

Sherenté Harris, a Narragansett TwoSpirit, overcame discrimination through traditional dance. Now, he explains how our voices can be used to revitalize the traditions of our communities, make ourselves visible, and bridge the gap between You and Me.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Pete Hunt


Accepting Change

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A Strivers Guide to Accepting Change

In a culture that celebrates winning, are we giving up when we accept change gracefully? Pete Hunt explores the relationship between striving for the change we want and accepting the change we get.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Amy Laurent


Rethinking Autism

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Compliance is Not the Goal: Letting Go of Control and Rethinking Support for Autistic Individuals

Instead of trying to control the behaviors of individuals with autism to make them indistinguishable from the general public, Amy Laurent suggests a positive shift in focus that supports the development of their emotional skills.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Benjamin Leveillee


Poetry in Science

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The Impulse to Act in the Information Age

Access to information alone is not enough to move humanity toward positive change. Through the lenses of science, art, and education, Benjamin Leveillee reveals a framework for sparking change in ourselves and in our communities.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Raquel Perez


Latinx Mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion

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Representation Matters: Latinx in Mainstream Media

Cultural representaton based on stereotypes is still active in the media today, says Raquél Pérez. A member of the Latinx community, she believes our society is more than ready for the media to eliminate this misrepresentation.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Isabella Robinson


Social Media and Police Brutality

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Social media’s impact on cases of police brutality

Racial bias and police brutality are personal to Isabella Robinson, but she believes that young people of her generation can affect positive social change through the power of digital messaging and social media.

TEDxURI 2019 speaker - Stephen Smith


Enduring Ice

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In search of a frozen ocean

For millions of years, the sea ice of the Arctic has acted like a planetary shield, deflecting incoming solar energy back to outer space. Stephen Smith explores the ramifications of a darkening Arctic Ocean and the role of sea ice in keeping the planet cool.