Anne Dionne

Anne Dionne ’21

As the opioid addiction epidemic continues to make headlines and take thousands of lives across the nation, a pharmacy student has been doing what she can to help combat this public health threat in her hometown of Laconia, N.H.

Jie Shen

Jie Shen

Assistant Professor Jie Shen, who teaches in the chemical engineering and pharmaceutical sciences departments, recently received the Emerging Researcher Award from the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Foundation.

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown ’14

Patrick Brown ’14, CEO of Rentsons, knows what it is to be broke. Not the living-paycheck-to-paycheck kind of broke. More like fishing-in-the-seat-cushions-for-change broke. So this entrepreneur has made it a part of his business plan to encourage his employees to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Bernon Helme, instrumental in the founding of URI

Bernon Helme

Bernon Helme was a persuasive man. A prominent citizen of Kingston at the end of the 19th century, he overcame tremendous odds and political opposition to realize his dream of establishing a university in Kingston.  

Bri Blank, author of the BRI Healthy wellness blog

Bri Blank ’14

If you’re expecting a darkest-moment-before-the-dawn type of dramatic weight loss story from Bri Blank, forget it. This is the story of a happy girl who became happier still after losing 150 pounds.

Georgia Dunn

Georgia Dunn ’04

Georgia Dunn ’04 is hanging with the big cats now — online and in print. The author of the comic strip Breaking Cat News has signed a syndication deal that has her intrepid feline correspondents, Elvis, Puck and Lupin, bringing the news of their day to 150 newspapers nationally.

Brittany Diamond

Brittany Diamond ’14

Things Brittany Diamond ’14 could, theoretically, lift: one full oil drum, one empty dumpster, a piano, a motorcycle.

Hannah Woodhouse '17, assistant coordinator of violence prevention and advocacy services at the URI Women's Center

Hannah Woodhouse ’17

Hannah Woodhouse embarked on her violence prevention crusade while still in high school — when working with inner city and underprivileged students.

Beth St. Pierre '85, manager of Fisher House Boston

Elizabeth St. Pierre ’85

Elizabeth St. Pierre ’85 grew up knowing that her grandfather had come back from World War II a changed man. He’d been shot twice and seen things in the field that returned to him, years later, in nightmares and flashbacks.

Hillary Brady ’12

To call Camp Runamuck — the homeless community that sprang up under Providence’s Crawford Street Bridge in 2009 — a tent city? That was to give it airs.

Andrew Donkin

Andrew Donkin ’84

Under Armour’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrew “Andy” Donkin ’84 has been called one of the 50 most innovative CMOs in the world.

Kalvin Cho

Kalvin Cho ’19

Growing up in a Taiwanese family, Kalvin Cho ’19 spoke Mandarin Chinese. He watched Chinese cartoons. He grew to have an appreciation for the complexity of the language but never learned how to read or write in Chinese.