Eugenio Fernandez ’13 (B.S., M.B.A. and Pharm.D.)

Hometown: Providence, RI

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology; Master of Business Administration; Doctor of Pharmacy

When Eugenio Fernandez Jr. graduated in May, he left URI with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a second one in psychology. And there was the master of business of administration. And let’s not forget the doctor of pharmacy degree.

“The University encourages students to ‘Think Big,’ so I did,” Eugenio says.

Eugenio came to URI through our Talent Development Program, which recruited him and provided financial and academic support to pursue his educational goals. When he arrived here, he was already fluent in Spanish and made it his goal to be well-rounded and knowledgeable in multiple areas of study.

Of his four degrees, he says he enjoyed all the subject areas equally and found pharmacy to be the most demanding. “The College of Pharmacy delivers high quality academics to the professional student body. Faculty members are innovative discoverers who encouraged me to integrate an interdisciplinary approach to the study of medicine.”

He was a class representative for the College of Pharmacy Professional Committee and interned in a number of hospitals throughout the state. He also belongs to numerous honor societies and industry associations, and is committed to improving the quality of life and care of patients.

“Educating patients on proper medication use, as well as maximizing their access to medication, should be championed as a top health care priority for our increasingly diverse and aging population,” he said. No surprise that in 2011, Eugenio received a Black Scholar Award for his outstanding academic achievements in science.

This guy’s not going to be a big thinker. He already is.


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