Amma Marfo ‘07

Amma Marfo ’07

Comic greats like Steve Martin, Garry Shandling and Nora Ephron will tell you all of life is material. Even the bits that seem anything but. Amma Marfo ’07 understands this.

Isaac Ginis

Isaac Ginis

Knowing if a hurricane is a doozy or a dud can mean the difference between life and death. URI oceanographer Isaac Ginis makes it his business to predict the power of these ferocious storms.

Aria Mia Loberti, Class of 2020

Aria Mia Loberti ’20

Things denied or delayed: They’re fuel for Aria Mia Loberti.

The first legally blind United Nations Youth Delegate, Loberti has been a delegate at the U.N. International Human Rights Summit, representing the U.S. and women with disabilities.

Holly Dunsworth, URI associate professor of anthropology

Holly Dunsworth

Do animals know that sex makes babies?

Think about it.

Nature Channel fans might be inclined to say yes. Who hasn’t seen those shows where young lions or male silverback gorillas enter a group, drive off or kill the leader, and then kill their young?

Bintou Camara

Bintou Camara ’17

Bintou Camara decided to become a nurse when she discovered an interest in science as a teenager at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island.

Jennifer Cingari Christie, University of Rhode Island, class of 2008

Jennifer Cingari Christie ’08

In her nine years at ESPN, Jennifer Cingari Christie ’08, communications manager for ESPN Films and Original Content, has worked on numerous projects including the promotion of the Oscar-winning “O.J.: Made in America” documentary.

Rassoul Diouf

Rassoul Diouf ’17

In Rassoul Diouf’s native Senegal, it was rare for science students to step into a lab or make something from scratch. So when he enrolled at URI, he reveled in the opportunity to make things. And the practical experience that he sought did not disappoint.

Megan Fallon

Megan Fallon ’16

Registered dietitian Megan Fallon’s goal is to steer food policy toward better nutrition and health-related outcomes.“ I picture myself working for a government or non-profit agency on current food policies.”

Davi Prak

Davi Prak ’17

Davi Prak long had her heart set on being a nurse, so when she graduated from high school, she applied to just one program: the University of Rhode Island’s College of Nursing.

Omose Ogala

Omose Ogala ’17

Omose Ogala’s job offers arrived at a dizzying pace—from Dell, Microsoft, and Twitter. Even before he graduated, tech giants were knocking at his door, competing to hire him.

Hilary Lohmann

Hilary Lohmann ’15

Hilary Lohmann spent the last two years in the U.S. Virgin Islands as a Coral Reef Management Fellow for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, studying and protecting the coral reef ecosystem at East End Marine Park in St. Croix.

Autumn Guillotte

Autumn Guillotte ’18

Autumn Guillotte has planned a career in public service ever since she first met her elected representatives at local parades while in elementary school.