Engineering Dean Raymond Wright

Raymond M. Wright

Engineers have changed the world, from creating smart phones to smart buildings. No one knows that better than Raymond M. Wright, dean of the College of Engineering and the driving force behind URI’s new engineering complex. “It is no secret that most major technological changes in our history have involved engineers,’’ says Wright. “Innovation is what […]

Caroline Amelse

Caroline Amelse ’17

When Caroline Amelse was at the University of Hawaii, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in social work, she never thought that one day she’d be presenting her research at the largest gathering of geologists in the world. But in San Francisco this December that’s exactly what the 27-year old geology major will be doing. She […]

Maya Vadiveloo

We all know that carrying extra pounds can be bad for your health. Now a URI professor has found that how society treats overweight people makes matters worse. Maya Vadiveloo, assistant professor of nutrition and food sciences in the College of Health Sciences, and Josiemer Mattei, assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard University T.H. Chan School […]

Betty Rambur

Betty Rambur

Throughout her distinguished nursing career, Betty Rambur has taken the long—and wide—view of her profession. The new Routhier Endowed Chair for Practice at the College of Nursing, Rambur has worked to reform health care payment systems and address disparities in the quality of and access to care across diverse populations. “One of my particular concerns […]

Jessica Goren

Jessica Goren

When Jessica Goren worked at a Philadelphia psychiatric hospital after graduating from URI, she found she really liked the patients. She was saddened, however, to see how some portions of the population were treated.  “I tend to root for the underdog, and people with schizophrenia are the ultimate underdog,” she said. “They’re also poorly served by the medical […]

Robert Barella

Robert Barella ’14

The Northern Avenue Bridge in Boston’s Fort Point Channel is a deteriorating hulk of steel that closed two years ago due to safety concerns. But alumnus Robert Barella wants to bring the bridge back to life—turning it into a park with live performances and floating islands. The concept earned him the top prize in the Northern Avenue Bridge […]

Hannah Morini

Hannah Morini ’09

Hannah Morini has always been interested in energy and the environment, and she was drawn to URI for its programs in this area. “I wanted to be on the business side of ‘green’ and URI offered a unique program through their Resource Economics department,” she said. “There were were only a few undergrads in the program at […]

arielle desouza

Arielle DeSouza ’16

When Arielle DeSouza was a little girl she loved all things French: the Chanel suits; the creamy Brie cheese; the famous Impressionists like Monet. Curiously, her language in high school was Spanish. She could have continued down that path at URI, but decided to take a risk and start learning French at the age of […]

Dwight Coleman

Dwight Coleman

When the 790-foot cargo ship El Faro sank off the Bahamas in a hurricane last fall, federal investigators searching for the ship’s “black box” turned to URI’s Inner Space Center and its director Dwight Coleman. The telepresence technology the center uses to broadcast live underwater images from oceanographic research expeditions was vital in eventually locating […]

Robinson Fulweiler

Robinson Fulweiler ’03, ’07

Robinson “Wally” Fulweiler has devoted much of the past 15 years to studying how our use of nitrogen—in fertilizers, for example—can cause harmful conditions, such as toxic algal blooms or ocean dead zones. “About 50 percent of us are alive because of the nitrogen in fertilizer that helps grow our food,” she says. “But this also […]

Andrew Burnap ’13

Just three years ago, Andrew Burnap was performing Shakespeare onstage at URI’s Robert E. Will Theatre. This summer, the recent Yale School of Drama grad took his acting skills to a somewhat larger venue—New York City’s Central Park—in the Shakespeare in the Park production of “Troilus and Cressida.” Andrew spent a month in the title role of Troilus, a young […]

Ivy Burns

Ivy Burns ’16

Ivy Burns describes herself as an outdoorsy person who has always been fascinated with the natural world.  “I was that kid who would run around with a microscope looking at leaves, playing with spiders, always interested in the way things worked,” she said. Her enthusiasm for the natural world became focused primarily on plants during […]