Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson ’16

When people are hungry they look for food, but what happens to microorganisms in the ocean when they get hungry? Do they perish, live or grow? Sean Anderson answered those questions researching the feeding habits of heterotrophic protists—microscopic ocean plankton that are a critical link in the ocean food web. Working with Professor Susanne Menden-Deuer […]

Abby Miklitsch

Abbey Miklitsch ’16

Abbey Miklitsch grew up surrounded by nothing but land, and among the reasons she chose URI was its proximity to the beach. She made the most of her time near the water by minoring  in underwater archaeology and earning a scholarship to compete on the women’s varsity rowing team—even though she had never rowed before coming to URI. […]

Ryan Wichelns

Ryan Wichelns ’16

Ryan Wichelns plans to change the way longform journalism is delivered to the masses, an ambition matched in scale only by the mountains he has summited. He always knew he wanted to become a journalist, but it was his life-changing decision to join the staff of the University’s student newspaper, The Good 5-Cent Cigar, that helped […]

Alessandra Portukalian

Alessandra Portukalian ‘16

Alessandra Portukalian  When she entered the University of Rhode Island, Alessandra knew she wanted to study physical therapy and felt that the undergraduate major in kinesiology would best prepare her to succeed. “Through becoming a physical therapist I hope that I will be able to educate patients about their ailments, so they are able to […]

Zachary Caron

Zack Caron ’16

Zachary Caron was a chemistry whiz working in private industry and eager to work on a project that could thwart terrorism when he met Chemical Engineering Professor Otto Gregory. Together, they’ve created a sensor that detects triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, the explosive terrorists used in bombings in Brussels, Paris, and London. “It’s awesome working on […]

Elizabeth Koller

Elizabeth Koller ’16

Elizabeth Koller was a tinkerer as a kid, building everything from theater sets to tiny mousetrap cars. In high school, she excelled in math and science, fields often dominated by men. “I remember being at an engineering competition with 300 other students and the host of the awards ceremony thanked me for being the only woman […]

Catherine Seman Senior Profile

Catherine Seman ’16

Whether on the volleyball court or in the classroom, Catherine Seman has been nothing less than spectacular. She has achieved great success in the classroom, earning Dean’s List honors seven times. But what stands out most is her desire to help others. As a URI freshman, Catherine traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild homes destroyed […]

Robby Delgado senior profile

Robby Delgado ’16

Robby Delgado always wanted to play football at URI. Whether he was attending games, participating in camps, or meeting the student-athletes, Robby had his mind set on playing football for the Rams. “Growing up, I was always an athlete, but my parents and coaches emphasized that without the grades, football is nothing,” he said. “I […]

Sarah Ogundare

Sarah Ogundare ’16

While some students arrive at the University of Rhode Island unsure of the path their education will take, Sarah Ogundare knew global health was her destiny. “I’ve gone on mission trips with my church, and in my heart I want to see people more healthy—and not just physically,” said Sarah, who’s been to Haiti three […]

Ian Ross Senior Profile

Ian Ross ’16

When Ian Ross was growing up, he maintained the fish tanks in his home. From that beginning, he developed a interest that became his major and career choice.  “There’s a certain beauty to life when you look at fish through the glass,” he said. “I always loved watching the fish swimming around, and I appreciated feeding them […]

Caitlin Runyon Student Commencement Speak

Caitlin Runyon ’16

Caitlin Runyon was suffering from sophomore slump when she walked through the Ram’s Den one day and saw a fellow student sitting alone in the depths of sadness. So she sat down to talk with him, and the ensuing conversation changed both of their lives. Caitlin decided to get more involved on campus, and her […]

Kelsey Norman

Kelsey Norman ’16

Hometown: Rutland, Vt.

Major: Pharmacy