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Art Studio Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The Studio Program in the Department of Art and Art History includes painting and drawing, sculpture, printmaking, film and video, digital art and design, photography. Students work in various media to develop technical skills and to provide opportunities for creative expression as well as hands-on practical experience working closely with artist/instructors in classroom settings and one-to-one exchanges.drawing

The Art and Art History department participates in many cross-interdisciplinary programs, offering students specialized experience and instruction. They include but are not limited to Film Media, 3D Interactive Animation (with the Computer Science Department), Women's Studies, African and African-American Studies, and Underwater Archaeology.

The BA Art Major requires from 36 to 51 art credits in Art and Art History of the 120 credits to graduate. This program allows students majoring in Art or Art History to have double majors, minors, or areas of concentration in subjects of interest such as education, languages, psychology, textiles, fashion, merchandising, journalism, communications, or computer science.

The BFA Art Major is a more studio-intensive program requiring 72 Art and Art History credits of the 120 total credits to graduate. This degree provides more in-depth professional training. After the foundation year, students may select from course offerings in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video and film, digital art and design, and selected topics courses such as collage, monotype, and digital painting and drawing.


All studio majors in the BA and BFA programs take the three foundation art courses, Two-Dimensional Studio I, Three-Dimensional Studio I and Drawing I. Two of these courses (Art 101 and 207) are also offered for general education credit in Fine Arts.

Foundation Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate safe working habits and a general understanding of materials and processes in the visual arts.
  • Employ methods of visual analysis necessary for critical judgments about ones creative processes and decisions.
  • Integrate critical methods of describing, analyzing and judging visual experiences that are used in making oral and written interpretations of visual art.
  • Develop an awareness of compositional and organizational strategies for the effective deployment of formal elements of visual art.
  • Appreciate and express the cultural significance of art and understand its evolution and purposes.

Areas of Concentration

The Department of Art and Art History offers courses from beginning to advanced levels in several visual art media and art history in addition to internships and independent projects.

Department Chair


Ronald Onorato

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Special Programs

Italo Scanga Visiting Art Professionals Program

Visual Arts Sea Grant Program