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Department of English

The Edmund S. and Nathalie Rumowicz Program

The Edmund S. and Nathalie Rumowicz Program at the University of Rhode Island encourages interaction between disciplines in the sciences and the humanities dedicated to the study of the sea.  The Rumowicz Endowment Fund supports three interrelated annual activities within the English department: 1) the "Literature and the Sea" seminar; 2) the Undergraduate Maritime Essay Contest; 3) and a keynote lecture.

The most recent "Literature and the Sea" seminar was taught by Dr. Matthew Frankel in the Spring of 2006. His seminar was entitled The Question of Technology and American Literature of the Sea. This course explored the wedding of thinking and the sea through the issue of technology.

The annual Undergraduate Maritime Essay Contest has awarded three undergraduates for their work. Jenna Wood was awarded first prize for her piece, "My Kind of Place." Adam Langlais was awarded second prize for his work "My Body Lies Over the Sea: Melville, Deleuze, and a Mapping of the Self." And Trianna Testoni was awarded third prize for her work "Up From Algae."

The 2006 Rumowicz Colloquium, entitled "Meditation By the Sea," took place on April 24. The event included an Awards Luncheon to celebrate the winners of the Undergraduate Maritime Essay Contest, as well as a Keynote Lecture entitled "Writing the Sea: Scientists and Nineteenth-Century Voyaging" given by Assistant Professor Helen M. Rozwadowski (Department of History; Coordinator, Maritime Studies, University of Connecticut, Avery Point).

Photographs of the 2006 Rumowicz Colloquium