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Research Interests
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Timothy George, Ph.D.,

Professor and Department Chair

Japanese and Chinese history, East and Southeast Asian history, coordinates the Asian Studies Minor; affiliated with the Department of Marine Affairs and the Confucius Institute

or (401) 874-4091

Bridget Buxton, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

Ancient history and Mediterranean archaeology, and underwater archaeology

or (401) 874-4085

Joel A. Cohen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
17th and 18th century American history

or (401) 874-5077

Catherine DeCesare, Ph.D.,

Lecturer; Course Coordinator for the Feinstein College of Continuing Education, Providence

American women's history and Rhode Island history

or (401) 277-5240

E. Rae Ferguson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
African-American history; affiliated with the African-American Studies Program and Women's Studies Program

or (401) 874-4079

Michael W. Honhart, Ph.D., Professor
German history and modern European history

or (401) 874-4075

John Odin Jensen, Ph.D, Research Associate Professor Coastal and maritime heritage, public/applied history, 19th and 20th century North America, public health

or (401) 874-5077

Maury Klein, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
American business and economic history, Civil War
Erik Loomis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
U.S. environmental history, the Civil War, late 19th and early 20th century America, labor history, and the American West

or (401) 874-4078

Rod Mather, Ph.D., Professor
Maritime history, 17th and 18th century Atlantic world, and underwater archaeology; coordinates the Underwater Archaeology minor and the Archaeology/Anthropology option within the History Masters Program

or (401) 874-4093

Rosa Maria Pegueros, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Latin American history; affiliated with the Women's Studies Program

or (401) 874-4092

Joëlle Rollo-Koster, Ph.D.,


History of the late Middle Ages, history of the so-called Renaissance, and medieval women; affiliated with the Women's Studies Program

or (401) 874-4089

Andrea Rusnock, Ph.D., Professor
History of medicine, history of science, and early modern Europe; affiliated with the Women's Studies Program

or (401) 874-9021

Marie Jenkins Schwartz, Ph.D.,

Professor Emerita

History of slavery, history of the United States in the antebellum era; affiliated with the African-American Studies Program

or (401) 874-4090

Miriam Reumann, Ph.D., Lecturer
History of sexuality and modern U.S. history

or (401) 874-4073

Evelyn Sterne, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Modern American history and history of immigration and religion in the United States

or (401) 874-4074

Sharon Hartman Strom, Ph.D.,

Professor Emerita

U.S. women's history and U.S. social and cultural history 1800 to 1940; affiliated with the Women's Studies Program

Gary J. Thurston, Ph.D.,

Professor Emeritus

Russian and Soviet history, and Europe in the long 19th century

Alan Verskin, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

Pre-Modern Islamic History

James Mace Ward, Ph.D.,


Modern Europe, especially Eastern Europe

or (401) 874-5486

Robert G. Weisbord, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus
African-American history and the history of the Holocaust

or (401) 874-4086

Robert Widell, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

Recent U.S. history, civil rights, and African-American history

or (401) 874-2112




Contact Information

Nancy Woyak,

Administrative Assistant

or (401) 874-5975




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