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Why French at URI?

  • URI has one of the largest French programs in the country (in number of majors = 170 in 2011)

  • French is one of the fastest growing programs and appears on the College of Arts and Sciences' "Most Popular Majors" list at URI
  • students in Paris
  • Unlike other institutions, URI and the French and Francophone Studies Program make it possible for students to double or triple major and obtain a dual degree (BA/BS) with almost every single major offered on campus. For most, students still complete all requirements in 4 years. Students enrolled in the unique French International Engineering Program (IEP) and in the International French & Pharmacy Program obtain their double degree in 5 and 6 years respectively after completing internships abroad.

  • URI French majors and alumni have traveled, studied, and worked in all areas of the world. They have been offered positions in the Americas, Europe, and Africa and they have been accepted in some of the most prestigious graduate programs. See our Alumni page for many examples of how our graduates have benefitted from their studies in French.

  • The French language is a practical, if not essential, asset in many areas of business, global communications, and academic studies.

  • For more details on the uses of French, see "Ten Reasons to Learn French" and "Why Learn French?".

student spotlight

URI Graduate Wins Fellowship to Study in Paris

Marjorie Johnson South Kingstown native Marjorie Johnson will head to Paris, France in October to do research and pursue a master's degree, thanks to the Walter J. Jensen Fellowship for French Studies. Full story

2011 French Awards

Sara ManteigaSara Manteiga received the 2011 University Academic Excellence in French Award

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