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Housing & Dining


Housing Most participants of the German Summer School of the Atlantic are housed in a facility known as the IEP (International Engineering Program) House. In addition to a living room, dining room, laundry room and activity room, the IEP House has single and double dormitory style rooms on three floors. Shared men's and women's bathrooms are on the first and second floor. Parking is available next to the house. Wireless internet connection is available throughout the house

German Summer School students make ample use of the IEP House's large patio, multi-standard DVD players, LCD projectors and much more. The main floor features a large living room where comfortable high back chairs and plush sofas surround the fireplace, while another section provides for large conference tables and excellent lighting for daytime and late-night study sessions auf Deutsch.


by Chef Mark Schoenweiss

The German Summer School of the Atlantic has the great fortune of employing a chef with not only good cooking skills, but also a pedagogical dedication of his own. Knowing that the students will encounter different foods abroad, and that their career goals will bring them into contact with a multicultural kitchen and dining experiences with high behavioral expectations, he eagerly prepares and serves meals that many have not encountered before.

The German Summer School takes great care to continue the immersion experience during meal times ... all students attend lunch and dinner at set times to give each other added opportunities to socialize and communicate in German.