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Dear Student:

Whatever your personal and professional objectives, proficiency in a second language will be of critical importance for you as an educated person of the twenty-first century. Whether in business, government, science, technology, education, social, or health professions, America needs young people with international and intercultural communication skills. We hope you will come to the University of Rhode Island, and we hope you will let us help prepare you for your life and career in today's globalized world.


Dr. Norbert Hedderich

Chair, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures


International Women's Day

2013 Demers Fellowship Recipients

The Fellowship named after a former URI professor,Beatrice S. Demers, finds it way the the very deserving candidates.

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The University of Rhode Island was one of nine universities to be recognized by IEE for having an award winning study abroad program.

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Languages + Another Discipline = Great Jobs

The University found pairing a language and cultural studies expanded students’ knowledge and chances to work in global companies in the U.S. and around the world.

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