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Paul Florin


Clinical Psychology

Office: FCCE Shepard 236
Phone: 401-277-5302

Educational Background

Ph.D. 1981, George Peabody / Vanderbilt University

Research Interests

Research interests focus on community change, particularly planned change which is designed as part of community wide prevention or health promotion programming. General questions revolve around how community conditions and individuals interact, how changes in community conditions, institutions and process are brought about and the effects of such changes on individual and collective well being. Current efforts centered around three federally funded evaluations of community level alcohol and other drug abuse prevention programs.

Professional Interests

Primary professional identity and practice is focused on community level prevention and health promotion. Consultation, training and technical assistance are provided to communities; agencies and governmental units wishing to plan, implement or evaluate community approaches to prevention programming.

PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Florin will not be accepting graduate students to study under his mentorship for the 2015-2016 academic year.