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Susan Loftus

Susan Loftus-Rattan

Associate Professor

School Psychology

Office: Chafee 410
Phone: 401-874-4246

Educational Background

Ph.D. 2008, University of Connecticut
M.A. 2005, University of Connecticut
B.A. 2001, Siena College

Research Interests

Her research interests are in the areas of Language development, students at-risk for academic problems, academic assessment and intervention, early intervention/prevention of reading difficulties, exceptional children.

Professional Interests

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications

Loftus, S. M., Coyne, M. D., McCoach, D. B., Zipoli, R., & Pullen, P. (2010). Effects of a Supplemental Vocabulary Intervention on the Word Knowledge of Kindergarten Students At-Risk for Language and Literacy Difficulties. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 25, 124-136.

Coyne, M. D., McCoach, D. B., Loftus, S., Zipoli, R., Ruby, M., Crevecoeur, Y. & Kapp, S. (2010). Direct & Extended Vocabulary Instruction in Kindergarten: Investigating Transfer Effects. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 3, 93-120.

Coyne, M. D., Capozzoli, A., Ware, S., & Loftus, S. (2010, Spring). Beyond RTI for decoding: Supporting early vocabulary development within a multitier approach to instruction and intervention. Perspectives on Language and Literacy, 18-21.

Coyne, M.D., McCoach, D.B., Loftus, S., Zipoli, R., & Kapp, S. (2009). Direct vocabulary instruction in kindergarten: Teaching for breadth vs. depth. Elementary School Journal, 110, 1-18.