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Summary of Wastewater Management Program and Current Results


Ordinance Overview  Wastewater Management Ordinance establishes flexible inspection and maintenance program, and cesspool phase out.

No town sewer system; currently reviewing a septage management plan.
First community to offer low interest loans through the Community Septic System Loan program.

Inspections, Maintenance, and Upgrade Requirements  Town regulates inspection and pump schedules determined by private service providers. Inspections are typically once every 3-5 years based on system size and use, with tank pump out as needed.

Service providers must register with the town.

Cesspools must be replaced by 2009, except if causing a public health threat, then immediate replacement is required.

 Treatment Standards  Town requires two compartment tanks on every system installed with 1,500 gallon min.
Treatment standards being investigated.
Management of Alternative Systems Requires maintenance contract to be filed at the Town Hall, with minimum requirement of annual maintenance.

All systems with a pump must have an annual operation and maintenance agreement.

System Inventory and Tracking Web-based tracking program in place since 2005.

Service providers provide on-line inspection reports as of 12/1/05.

Education and Outreach Mailings sent. Working with URI for public education and outreach (newspaper articles, advertisements, mailings, website etc).
Enforcement Provisions Non compliance mailings to homeowners sent immediately to those not responding to inspections and to failures of system inspections.

Cesspools owners notified of May 2009 deadline.

Administration Program is administrated by the Wastewater Management Commission.
Staffing Wastewater Management Specialist, part time, no benefits.
Budget and Finance Current EPA program grant support ends 6/06.

Town is considering an administrative fee for system owners to support program.

Financial Aid to System Owners Low interest loan program in place, $276,769 has been expended.

Town has grant money available for digging and locating the septic tank as well as riser and filter upgrades.


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