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URI Outreach Center

Learning Landscape Program

For the Leader Educators

Are you a URI Master Gardener or a URI student with a passion for the environment? Would you enjoy educating enthusiastic children in a beautiful garden setting?

Join us as a Learning Landscape educator! Our environmental education program is a fun and rewarding way to build your resume or fulfill community service hours. We hold trainings throughout the year and you may be eligible to join on a rolling basis.

Upcoming Training:

New Educator Trainings

February 17 9am-12pm

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

To sign up for training:
Please email Kim Downes at


Program Details

Gain experience in environmental education right on campus! The URI Learning Landscape is a two-hour environmental field trip program led by URI students and Master Gardeners around the URI Botanical Gardens. As an "Eco-Exploration" field trip leader, you will guide a group of elementary school children (grades K-5) through a series of hands-on learning stations. Topics include native mammals, insects, birds, seeds and plants, ecosystems, energy, adaptations, composting and recycling and water quality.

Yearly Schedule

Winter Learning Landscape
Field Trip Dates: January - April 2014
Location: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Providence

Spring Learning Landscape
Field Trip Dates May- June 2013
Location: URI Botanical Gardens, Kingston

Here's what some of our leaders have to say about their experience:

"It's fun to share my interest in the environment with younger students. Hearing them say that they want to come to URI to study science is really rewarding."
-- Kristina DiSanto, URI Student Class of 2010

"Learning Landscape is very emotionally rewarding. The children absorb what you teach them - they're listening".
-- Carol Seaman, Master Gardener Class of 2004

"The Learning Landscape Program has been the best part about spring the past few years" --Emma Sconyers, URI Student Class of 2012

"The children's enthusiasm is obvious... What I enjoy the most is having fun with the children while they are experiencing new ideas and information. Those happy, smiling faces make the time and effort worthwhile.. ."
-- Frank Vincent, MG Class of 2008

Learning Landscape

Additional Reading Materials
for Leaders

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RI DEM: Fishers in Rhode Island

Nat. Wildlife Federation: Top 5 Ways to Help Pollinators

NY Times Article: Echinda: A fascinating egg-laying mammal

Nat. Geographic Article: "New Mammal Fossil Sheds Light on Teeth Evolution"

U Michigan Museum of Zoology: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (Check out the communication and perception section)

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