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Scenes from Faculty Senate

University of Rhode Island Faculty Senate

On May 12, 1960 the General Faculty authorized the establishment of a Faculty Senate as its agent to the business assigned to faculty jurisdiction by law, the President, or by the Board of Trustees (now the Board of Governors).

The Faculty Senate, subject to the provisions of state and federal law, subject to consistency with the general objectives established by its governing Board, and subject to the referendum power of the General Faculty, has ultimate legislative power on educational policies.

With the concurrence of the President, the Faculty Senate has the authority to formulate policy concerning teaching and research, study, exercise, discipline and government: for example, and without excluding others not listed, academic standards (scholastic standing, admission and dismissal policy, class attendance, grading systems, etc.), the University calendar, University-wide curriculum matters both graduate and undergraduate, and research and patent policy as they may affect the faculty as a whole.