AGENDA for the second meeting of the 2008-09 academic year to be held on Monday, October 27, 2008 in Library Conference Room A.


I.       Call to order at 3:00 p.m.


Consent Agenda items are labeled with a C.  Any member can request that a consent item be discussed. 


II. Disposition of Minutes of Meeting #1, September 22, 2008


III.         REPORTS


A. New Undergraduate Degree Programs:    


      1.   Proposal for new BachelorsÕ degree program in Veterinary Technology has been withdrawn by the department. 


2.   Proposal for a new Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - update.


         B.   Cheating/Plagiarism in Online Courses



                 A. College of Arts and Sciences


                  Department of Physics


                  Addition of PHY *430


B.   College of the Environment and Life Sciences  


                        Department of Biological Science


                              Minor in Marine Biology - exception for transfer students




      A.  College of Arts and Sciences [Meeting #2 - 10-7-08]  


            1.   Department of Communication Studies


                  C.  Change in title for COM 351 and COM 450*


            2.   Department of History and Women's Studies Program


                        Addition of HIS 361 (or WMS 361)


            3.   Department of Sociology and Department of Political Science


C.  Change in PSC 274 (or SOC 274) by transferring major responsibility for the course to Sociology as SOC 274 (or PSC 274) and deleting the prerequisite


            4.   Department of Theatre


                  C.  Change in description for THE 341


      5.   Department Economics - Temporary Course


Addition of ECN 335X  [This course will appear in the October 31 edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter and cannot receive final approval until November 11, 2008]


B.   College of Engineering


                  1.   Entire College


                        Change requirements for transferring from University College to the College of Engineering. 


            2.   Department of Mechanical Engineering


                  C.  Change prerequisite for MCE 262 and MCE 401*


            3.   Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


                  C.  Change prerequisite for ISE 240


            4.   Department of Chemical Engineering 


                  C.  Change prerequisite for CHE 464* and CHE 465*


            5.   Department of Ocean Engineering


                  a.   Change  OCE Curricular requirements


b.   Change level and number for OCE 472 


c.   Change level, number, and credits for OCE307 


C.  d.   Change prerequisite for OCE205, 206, 301, 307/408*, 311*, 421,* 471,* 472/574,* 495* and 496.*.


e.   Change credits for  OCE 205 and OCE 471


            6.   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


C.  a.   Change number and description for CVE 221 


C.  b.   Change prerequisite for CVE 465*, CVE497*. and CVE 498*


C.  c.   Change description and prerequisite for CVE 375


d.   Addition of CVE 205 and CVE 493*


e.   Change curriculum by deleting CVE240 and CVE250 from required courses. 


f.    Deletion of CVE 371 and CVE 466*.


                C.   College of Human Science and Services

            1.   Department of Human Development and Family Studies


            C.  a.   Change in prerequisite for HDF 290


                  b.   Addition of new professional content area in Family Finances


            2.   Department of Kinesiology


                              a.   Addition of KIN 121, KIN 307, KIN 309, KIN 368, KIN 401, and KIN 414.


            C.  b.   Deletion of KIN 120, KIN 335 and KIN 369,


            C.  c.   Change in title for KIN 270


                  d.   Change in curricular requirements by combining existing programs in health education, physical education certification and adapted physical education endorsement into a Physical and Health Education (PHETE) program.


D.   College of Continuing Education (mailed separately on October 22, 2008)


                  Bachelor of General Studies Program


                        Change in requirements for the Business Institutions major.





* May require action by the Graduate Council.