The Graduate School



At meeting No. 387 held March 28, 2003, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters of Information

A. College of Environmental and Life Science

1. Department of Plant Sciences

*a. Temporary Courses:

EVS 534X Web Page and Site Development (3)

Use of contemporary XHTML editors to construct web pages and manage web sites and image editors to create web graphics. Understanding of HTML and its successors, fundamentals of the server-client model, client-side and server-side scripting, cascading style sheets, and principles of design for usability. (Lec 1/Lab 2)

EVS 535X Dynamic and Interactive Database-driven Web Sites (3)

Use of HTML and active server pages programming languages (ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL) to construct dynamic Web sites drawing content from databases; topics include servers, security, DHTML, and XML (Lec 1/Lab 2) Pre: EVS 534X

*Not official. Courses were never posted on the Temporary Course Newsletter prior to action by the Graduate Council.

II. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Pharmacy

1. Department of Biomedical Sciences

a. Add New:

BMS 587 General Pharmacology (3)

An introduction to principles of pharmacology and major drug categories, for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in biological sciences. (Lec) Pre: Permission of instructor.

B. College of Environment and Life Science

1. Department of Plant Science

a. Deletions:

PLS 511 The Nature of Plant Disease

PLS 512 Plant Growth & Development

PLS 513 Lab; Plant Tissue Culture

PLS 572 Plant Biochemistry

PLS 576 Environmental Plant Physiology

C. College of Human Science and Services

1. Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Design

a. New Course:

TMD 580 Curatorship (3)

Supervised experience planning and mounting an exhibition in URI Textile Gallery. Student identifies a theme, selects artifacts, writes proposal, prepares objects, writes labels and promotional materials, and helps install exhibit. (Practicum) Pre: TMD 520 and permission of instructor, TMD 521 recommended.

b. Changes:

TMD 500 Ethnic Costume and Textiles &endash; change title and course description to read:

TMD 500 Ethnic Dress and Textiles Survey of regional styles of dress and textiles from all areas of the world,Š.

Change description of non-thesis option to read (change underlined): For non-thesis optionŠŠ.including at least one course that requires a substantial paper or practicum involving significant independent studyŠŠ

2. Department of Communicative Disorders

a. New Courses:

CMD 505 Issues in Audiology Private Practice (2)*

Issues fundamental to the development of private practice in audiology, including ethical, demographic, and financial issues. Offered Spring. (Lec) Pre: Permission of instructor.

CMD 554 Advanced Rehabilitative Processes for Hearing Impaired (3)

Advanced techniques and technology in aural rehabilitation including family-based management, multidiscipline approaches and complex assistive devices. Offered Spring. (Lec) Pre: CMD 454 and 551.

CMD 574 Hearing Conservation (2)

The effects of noise on human beings, auditory and non-auditory. Hearing conservation plan development and monitoring as well as legal issues will be reviewed. Offered Spring (Lec) Pre: Permission of instructor.

CMD 575 Management of Deaf and Special Populations (3)

Identification of needs related to health, communication, and quality of life in deaf and special populations. Management strategies and the audiologist's role will be described. Offered Spring (Lec) Pre: CMD 454 and 551.

CMD 576 Cochlear Implants (2)

Concepts and issues related to cochlear implantation as a remediation for deafness in adults and children. Hardware, programming, rehabilitative, and surgical issues will be addressed. Offered Fall every third year. (Lec) Pre: Graduate standing in Audiology or permission of instructor.

CMD 577 Vestibular Rehabilitation and Tinnitus Management (2)

Management of the vertiginous patient to reduce symptoms and restore function. Tinnitus assessment and therapeutic strategies are reviewed. Offered Spring. (Lec) Pre: CMD 454, 551 and 572.

CMD 658 Advanced Electrophysiological Assessment of Hearing (4)

Study of the most current research regarding electrophysiological assessment of hearing. Detailed consideration of such issues as stimulus variables, age, sex, sleep state, etc. Consideration of the neurophysiology underlying the measured electrical potentials. Must be taken concurrently with 659. Offered Fall every third year. (Lec) Pre: Graduate standing in Audiology or permission of instructor.

CMD 670 Audiology Residency (6)

Full-time equivalent off campus clinical residency in Audiology. Direct clinical experience with on-site supervision plus oversight by URI faculty. Placements may vary and combine more than one site. (Externship) May be repeated for a total of 12 credits. Pre: Graduate standing in Audiology and completion of CMD 570.

CMD 691 Independent Study in Audiology (1-3)

Selected areas of study pertinent to Audiology. Instruction may be offered in class seminar or tutorial environments according to specific needs and purposes. (Independent Study) Pre: Graduate standing in Audiology.

CMD 698 Capstone Project in Audiology (3)

This registration purposes to tie together classroom and clinical experiences. Discussions will be based on externship experiences. A major paper on one clinical problem chosen by the student will be presented to students and faculty in Audiology. (Sem) Pre: Graduate standing in Audiology.

b. Deletion:

CMD 573 Contemporary Issues in Audiology

D. College of Nursing

1. New Course:

NUR 519 Psychophamacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nursing (3) Integration of psychopharmacotherapeutics and decision making with human pathophysiology utilizing case management approach to prescription of medications. Discussion of legal, ethical and professional issues related to advanced practice role. (Sem) Pre: Graduate standing in nursing or permission of instructor.

E. Graduate School of Oceanography

1. New Course:

OCG 524 Atmospheric Pollution and the Upper Ocean (3)

Gas and aerosol chemistry and physics; land-air-sea transfer of N, S, C, halogen, and metal compounds; effects of air pollution on the marine atmosphere and upper ocean. (Lec) Pre: BCH 435, CHE 313, CHM 431, MCE 341 or PHY 420 or permission of instructor.


*Consistent with GRADUATE COUNCIL REPORT NO. 2002-2003-8a