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2012-2013 Academic Year


Participation in the graduate commencement ceremony acknowledges the completion of degree requirements and signifies academic accomplishment of the highest order. Graduate candidates eligible to march in the ceremonies include the following:

  • Those who have completed their degree requirements by August 2012, December 2012, or May 2013

  • Those who will have completed their course work during or before the spring 2013 semester and will have successfully defended their dissertations/theses (if required) by Monday, April 22, 2013

  • Those in programs with required internships who will have completed their course work during or before the spring 2013 semester; defended their dissertations/theses (if a dissertation or thesis is required) by Monday, April 22, 2013; and completed their internships by Friday, September 13, 2013.

If you are unsure of your academic status, contact your academic dean or the Graduate School Office. (See "Important Phone Numbers.")

Commencement Book

Link here to browse and download a booklet of information about the 2013 Commencement ceremonies.

Direct download (PDF).

Receipt of commencement information does not, in any way, constitute certification for graduation.


Congratulations to the winner of the
2015 University of Rhode Island Graduate School Excellence in
Doctoral Research Award

Dr. Maryjo Brounce
Department - Graduate School of Oceanography
Dissertation Title - "A Geochemical Investigation of Oxygen Fugacity in the Marianas Subduction Factory"
Major Professor - Dr. Katherine Kelley