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Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program

Gabriele Kass-Simon

Biological Sciences
(401) 874-2671

Research in my laboratory is focused on the cellular and behavioral neurobiology of invertebrates "crunchies" (lobsters) and "squishies" (hydra). Intracellular and extra-cellular electrophysiological and behavioral studies in my lab are complemented by collaborative immuno-histochemical, ultrastructural, and biochemical studies in other laboratories at URI and elsewhere. The aim of the work is to define the cellular-membranal and chemical (transmitters and hormones) mechanisms that determine certain behaviors. In lobsters, we have been focusing on the physiology of agonistic behavior over the molt-cycle and the physiology of agonistic behavior in gravid females; in hydra we have concentrated on the physiology of nematocyst discharge and feeding behavior, and on the chemical neurotransmission of hydra's pacemaker systems.


The Program

The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program (INP) offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, or a Certificate in the Neurosciences. The program provides broad instruction across several neuroscience disciplines and gives students an opportunity to focus on a specific area of specialization.

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Request for Proposals Rhode Island Neuroscience Collaborative Pilot Study Awards - Deadline for Applications: April15, 2014