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Dear Prospective Student: 

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate School at the University of Rhode Island.  The Graduate School is no longer
able to mail copies of the URI Catalog nor the Graduate Application packet.  However, the University Bulletin (catalog), listings of
academic plans and courses, is now available through the internet at the following addresses: 
Bulletin - 

We now offer the ability to apply to our Graduate School online.  Applying online is the preferred method of submitting your application.
However, we do continue to offer the ability to download paper applications from our website at: 
Application forms - 

If you need additional information, or have specific questions, please write us at the following address: 
Graduate Admissions, University of Rhode Island, 55 Lower College Road Suite 2, Kingston, RI  02881

or e-mail us at 

or call us at (401)874-2872

 Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Graduate School are addressed below:

1.   Financial Aid - No financial aid is available for international graduate students.  Domestic students seeking financial aid should contact the Enrollment Services Office at (401) 874-9500.  Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Research Assistantships are awarded by individual departments.  Please note that assisstantships are available to domestic as well as international students. Please contact the department to which you are applying for information on the availability of Assistantships.  International students must show proof that they have financial resources available in order to obtain an I-20 and then a visa.  Questions regarding the issuance of I-20's should be directed to the Office of International Students and Scholars, at (401) 874-2395.  Tuition and fees are listed in the University Bulletin.

2.  Deadlines - The deadline for International applicants is February 1st for September admission, and July 15th for January admission. For domestic students the general deadlines are April 15th for summer, July 15th for fall and November 15th for spring.  Some plans have earlier deadlines, or they admit new students in the fall term only; please check the details of the plan to which you are applying.  To check on the status of an application, please contact the department to which you applied; contact information can be found in the University Bulletin or at department's individual web-sites, accessible from 

3.  Degrees offered - The University Bulletin, at the web address listed above, details all graduate degrees offered at URI and the courses required. 

4. All student fees for URI can be found on our website at:

For more information regarding graduate education, graduate academic departments, degree plans, admission requirements
and more, please visit the Graduate School web page at

For more information on international admission, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars website at