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Scenes from the College of Human Science and Services

College of Human Science and Services

Diversity in HSS

HSS Diversity Committee Mission Statement

The College of Human Science and Services Diversity Committee serves as an active forum for the creation of an inclusive, equitable, and socially just educational environment in the college and University community.

The HSS Diversity Committee strives to realize its mission through initiatives that:

  • Create space for students and faculty to dialogue and increase awareness around issues of diversity
  • Assess the needs of the college related to diversity and equity among students, staff, and faculty and develop relevant projects that respond to those needs
  • Support learning experiences that encourage students, staff, and faculty to understand, respect, and embrace difference and diversity
  • Provide support for the college to recruit and retain historically marginalized students in a safe and equitable environment
  • Connect with campus-wide initiatives related to developing an inclusive and socially just institution and become a campus leader in advancing issues of diversity and equity

We, as members of the College of Human Science and Services, express solidarity with URI GLBTIQQ communities and the Gay/Straight Alliance. We support the rights of all people to live, study and work on the URI campus without fear, harassment, or discrimination and to participate in non-violent direct action in order to ensure this right.  We stand committed to promote institutional and cultural changes within URI that will ensure equity and safety in all areas of campus life.  We urge University of Rhode Island students, staff, faculty, and administrators to unite in support of this commitment and the inclusion of members of the GLBTIQQ communities in the creation of a safe and welcoming campus for anyone identifying as GLBTIQQ.

Current Initiatives

The HSS Diversity Committee is engaged in 2 current initiatives. First, the committee plans to conduct systematic qualitative and quantitative evaluations of areas of success and areas of potential improvement related to diversity within HSS, with the goal of making specific recommendations to the college, focusing committee projects, and opening up dialogue among students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Second, the committee is seeking to add an additional diversity module to the current URI 101 diversity requirement. Instructors and faculty will be invited to participate in a one-day training and follow-up that will help them maximize student diversity learning experiences. Participating instructors and students will view a selected film that complements readings and other diversity activities taking place in the fall semester. The training experience is designed to help instructors and students productively discuss the film and other diversity events students may attend during their first semester. This initiative is designed to support current efforts to create a welcoming, safe, and open learning environment for all.


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