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Julie Coiro, Associate Professor

(401) 874-4872
Fax 874-5471






Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut



Curriculum & Instruction, University of New Orleans



Special Education PreK-12, University of Connecticut


Courses taught

EDC 423

Teaching Comprehension and Response in the Elementary School

EDC 424

Teaching Literacy in the Elementary School

EDC 448

Literacy Practices for Content Subjects

EDC 565

Advanced Reading Research Seminar

Research Interests

  • Strategic reading comprehension instruction
  • New literacies of the Internet and online reading comprehension
  • Effective practices for technology integration
  • Effective practices for professional development


  • Early Career Faculty Research Excellence Award in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. Council for Research, University of Rhode Island. 2012.

  • Frank Pajares Award for Outstanding Theory into Practice article, “Talking About Reading as Thinking: Modeling the Hidden Complexities of Online Reading Comprehension.” Awarded at the American Educational Research Association. 2012.

  • Early Career Achievement Award. Literacy Research Association. 2011.

  • Distinguished Finalist, Dissertation of the Year. International Reading Association. 2009.

Selected Publications - See also





Coiro, J., Knobel, M., Lankshear, C., & Leu, D. J. (Editors). (2008).  Handbook of Research in New Literacies. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Download Table of Contents and Introduction for personal use only.

Leu, D. J., Jr., Leu, D. D. & Coiro, J. (2004). Teaching with the Internet: Lessons from the classroom (4th ed.). Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon. Companion website at

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:


Coiro, J. (in press). Purposeful, critical, and flexible: Key dimensions of online reading and learning. To appear in Spiro, R., DeSchrvyer, M., Schira-Hagerman, M., Morsink, P., & Thompson, P. (Editors). Reading at a Crossroads? Disjunctures and Continuities in Current Conceptions and Practices. Routledge Press.

Castek, J., Coiro, J., Henry, L. A., Leu, D. & Hartman, D. K. (in press). Research on instruction and assessment of the new literacies of online reading comprehension. In C. C. S. Parris, and Headley (Eds.), Comprehension instruction: Research-based best practices, Third Edition (pp. 321-346). New York: Guilford Press.

Coiro, J., Castek, J., Sekeres, D., & Guzniczak, L. (2014). Comparing third, fourth, and fifth graders' collaborative interactions while engaged in online inquiry. Journal of Education, 194(2), 1-16.

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Castek, J., Coiro, J., Guzniczak, L., & Bradshaw, C. (2012). Examining peer collaboration in online inquiry. The Educational Forum, 76(4), 479-496.


Coiro, J. (2011). Predicting reading comprehension on the Internet: Contributions of offline reading skills, online reading skills, and prior knowledge. Journal of Literacy Research, 43(4) 352-392. Download for personal use only.


Coiro, J., Castek, J., & Guzniczak, L. (2011). Uncovering online reading comprehension processes: Two adolescents reading independently and collaboratively on the Internet. 6oth Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association, 354-369. Download for personal use only.


Coiro, J. (2011). Talking about reading: Modeling the hidden complexities of online reading comprehension. Theory Into Practice, 50(2), 107-115. Download for personal use only.


Coiro, J. & Fogleman, J. (2011). Capitalizing on Internet resources for content-area teaching and learning. Educational Leadership, 68(5), 34-38. Download for personal use only.


Coiro, J. & Castek, J. (2010). Assessing the teaching and learning of language arts in a digital age. In D. Lapp & D. Fisher (Eds.), The Handbook of Research on Teaching The English Language Arts, Third Edition (pp. 314-321). International Reading Association and The National Council of Teachers of English. New York, NY: Routledge.


Castek, J., Coiro, J., Hartman, D. K., Henry, L. A., Leu, D.J., & Zawilinski, L.  (2010). Thinking about our future as researchers:  New Literacies, new challenges, and new opportunities.  In W. Linek (Ed.) College reading association legacy:  A celebration of 50 years of literacy leadership (pp. 875-893). St. Cloud, MN: The Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers.


Coiro, J. (2009). Promising practices for supporting adolescents' online literacy development.  In K.D. Wood and W.E. Blanton (Eds.). Promoting literacy with adolescent learners: Research-based instruction (pp. 442-471). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Coiro, J. (2009). Rethinking reading assessment in a digital age: How is reading comprehension different and where do we turn now? Educational Leadership, 66(6), 59-63.

Coiro, J. (under review). Predicting reading comprehension performance on the Internet: The independent contribution of online reading comprehension skills. Submitted to Journal of Educational Psychology.

Castek, J., Leu, D. J., Jr., Coiro, J., Gort, M., Henry, L. A., & Lima, C. (2008). Developing new literacies among multilingual learners in the elementary grades. In L. Parker (Ed.) Technology-mediated learning environments for young English learners: Connections In and out of school. Mahwah, NJ. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Coiro, J., Karchmer, R., & Walpole, S. (2006). Critically evaluating educational technologies for literacy learning: Current trends and new paradigms.  In M. McKenna, D. Reinking, L. B. Labbo, & R. Kieffer, The Handbook of Literacy and Technology, Second Edition (pp. 145-164). Mahway, NJ: Erlbaum. Download for personal use only.

Coiro, J. (2005). Making sense of online text. Educational Leadership, 63(2), 30-35.  Download for personal use only.

Coiro, J. (2005). Every teacher a Miss Rumphius: Empowering teachers with effective professional development. In Karchmer, R. A., Mallette, M., Kara-Soteriou, J., & Leu, D. J. Jr. (Eds.). New literacies for new times: Innovative models of literacy education using the Internet.  Newark, DE:  International Reading Association. Download for personal use only

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Coiro, J. (2003).  Reading Comprehension on the Internet: Expanding our understanding of reading comprehension to encompass new literacies. Reading Online. [Article reprinted from The Reading Teacher, 56, 458-464]. [Online Serial]. Available at:

Leu, D. J., Jr., Kinzer, C. K., Coiro, J., Cammack, D. (2004). Toward a theory of new literacies emerging from the Internet and other ICT. In R.B. Ruddell & N. Unrau (Eds.), Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, Fifth Edition (1568-1611). Newark, DE: International Reading Association. Available at:

Leu, D. J., Jr., Coiro, J., Castek, J., Hartman, D. K., Henry, L. A., & Reinking, D. (2008).  Research on instruction and assessment of the new literacies of online reading comprehension. In C. C. Block, S. Parris, and P. Afflerbach, (Eds.), Comprehension instruction: Research-based best practices. New York: Guilford Press.

The New Literacies Research Team at the University of Connecticut (2007). Thinking about our future as researchers: New literacies, new challenges, and new opportunities. In F. Falk-Ross, M. Foote, P. Linder, M.B. Sampson, S. Szabo (Eds.). The twenty-eighth yearbook of the College Reading Association. Logan, UT: College Reading Association.


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