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Anne M. Seitsinger, Associate Professor

(401) 874-4877
Fax (401) 874-5471






Education, University of Rhode Island and 
Rhode Island College




Elementary Education with concentration in Elementary Mathematics, Rhode Island College



Special Education and Elementary Education, Bridgewater State College, MA


Courses taught

EDC 454

Individual Differences Field Component

EDC 456

Mathematics Methods in Elementary & Middle School Teaching

EDC 459

Supervised Elementary Methods Practicum I

EDC 460

Supervised Elementary Methods Practicum II

EDC 484

Supervised Student Teaching

EDC 485

Seminar in Teaching

EDC 575 Supervised Field Study/Practicum and Seminar in Education
EDC 586

Problems in Education

Topic: The SALT Visit

EDC 586

Problems in Education

Topic: Hosting a SALT Visit

Research Interests

  • School Improvement
  • Family and Community Engagement in Education

Selected Publications

Brand, S., Felner, R.D., Seitsinger, A., Burns, A., & Bolton, N. (2008). A large scale study of the assessment of the social environment of middle and secondary schools: The validity and utility of teachers' ratings of school climate, cultural pluralism, and safety problems for understanding school effects and school improvement. Journal of School Psychology, 46, 507-535.

Seitsinger, A.M. (2005). Service-learning and standards-based instruction in middle schools. Journal of Educational Research 99(1), 19-30.

Seitsinger, A.M., & Brand, S. (2009). Creating personalized learning environments. Leading Edge.

Seitsinger, A.M., Felner, R.D., & Brand, S. (2007).  Evaluating Learning Performance: Apllying Nonlinear Artificial Intelligence to Learning Support Indicators. In The International Conference on Computing & e-Systems, Emilio Collar, Jr., (Conference Ed.), Proceedings for The International Conference on Computing & e-Systems. Hammamet, Tunisia: The International Group e-Systems Research & Applications and The Tunisian Association of Management.

Seitsinger, A.M., Felner, R.D., Brand, S. & Burns, A (2008).  A large-scale examination of the nature and efficacy of teachers' practices to engage parents: Assessment, parental contact, and student-level impact.  Journal of School Psychology, 46, 477-505.

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