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Scenes from the School of Education

School of Education

The School of Education at the University of Rhode Island is accepting application for admission to graduate programs in special education, reading, adult education, and secondary and elementary education. Information can be found in Applicant Information and Academic Programs. All programs are designed to meet the needs of adult learners. Please don't hesitate to call 401-874-4068 for more information. Think big. We do.

As Director of the School of Education, I am delighted with the quality of teacher candidates presently interested in this time-honored field of study. Our program has an excellent job placement rate for those who are seeking to become elementary, middle school, high school, or special subjects teachers. We prepare our candidates for the job market with a high-tech, on-line portfolio system that helps them collect evidence of their performance and ability to meet the needs of all students, and will be an asset when they interview for jobs. We take our students’ success very seriously.

Our program is focused on preparing students to take ownership of a classroom, from curriculum development and creating rubrics to assessing and enhancing student achievement. Whether our aspiring teachers want the satisfaction of providing first-graders with the foundations of learning or to inspire adolescents to challenge themselves and embrace new ideas, our programs will ensure they are well prepared! Take a look at a few unique aspects of the URI Education degree:

  • Our programs are both nationally accredited and have full state approval, which allows reciprocity with other states when seeking teacher licensure. We surpass the standards required by providing an on-line portfolio system, field based preparation for student teaching, and emphasis on developing strong content knowledge for teaching excellence. Students who complete our programs are well prepared and considered highly qualified by federal statute for future teaching positions nation wide.
  • We offer learning communities, where first-year students join a cluster of classmates with whom they are enrolled together in selected general education requirements. This environment encourages the formation of study partnerships and friendships, plus the chance to explore other interests independently.
  • We make it easy to complete a double major to enhance marketability, which means having credentials in education and a content area. The double major is designed to maximize employability, and our students benefit from having a home in two departments, including an advisor from each.
  • To ensure a smooth transition from student to teacher, candidates have the opportunity to build a relationship with their Cooperating Teachers at the placement school the semester before student teaching begins, including time to develop concrete lesson plans.
  • The SOE offers a MA in special education, with certification in either elementary special education (grades 1-6) or secondary special education (grades 7-12).  Our competitive cohort model is designed for students who earned a bachelor's degree and teaching certification in elementary or secondary education.  With a focus on evidence-based inclusive education, the MA program offers a unique three semester full-time course sequence.  Candidates who continue their education at URI after earning a bachelor's degree and teaching certification have the potential to complete the MA in special education as well in a total of 5 and 1/2 years.

  • Language majors are strongly encouraged to complete a study abroad experience to gain the required fluency.

Teaching is a truly noble profession - our students have the responsibility of shaping our country’s future leaders. I applaud their interest in becoming educators and look forward to meeting our next group of incoming candidates. Visit Outreach Achievements and Research to learn more about some of the notable outreach and research activities connected to the School of Education.


David M. Byrd, Ph.D.

Director, School of Education











  • The URI / RIC Ph.D in Education will have Information Session for prospective students on:
    Saturday, 10/31, from 9-11:30 a.m.
    Donovan South on the RIC Campus.