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School of Education

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Secondary Education


Social Studies

Advisor:  Mrs. Jean Goulet 

Phone:  874-7418

Requirements: PDF format Curriculum Sheet


The goal of the Secondary Social Studies program is to produce qualified, competent, and caring teachers.  The Social Studies teacher education program at the University of Rhode Island provides a foundation for excellence in teaching social studies and prepares teachers to meet the needs of middle and high school students.

The Secondary Education Program to prepare Social Studies teachers is a fully accredited four-year undergraduate program leading to dual degree B.A. degree in Secondary Education and History.

Teaching is a highly demanding, multifaceted, complex, and rewarding profession.  Consequently, so is the teacher preparation program.  We seek applicants who possess a strong academic background, a desire to deepen their academic knowledge, and a strong commitment to the intellectual, social, and emotional well being of all children.

The program requires a minimum of 30 credits of History, 6 credits in Political Science, 9 credits in a combination of Economics and Geography, (see specialization requirements) and 39 credits of General Education course work.  Students wishing to apply to this program are urged to see an education advisor at University College in their freshman year.  Formal application to this program is in the sophomore year and requires the students to interview with selected School of Education faculty and to present an admissions portfolio at that time.  Students with a strong academic background, an interest in the content fields related to Social Studies, experience working with adolescents, and a desire to share these interests with a diverse population of young people are urged to apply.

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