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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

HDF Field Experience

Students are required to participate in field experiences at three different levels in the curriculum:

Introductory Field Work Exposure to the Field of Human Development and Family Studies

HDF 180 (1 credit): Personal and Career Development - Provides students with an opportunity to participate in activities that help them match personal characteristics and interests with the choice of a career. This course provides students with a glimpse of careers in settings that employ professionals trained in human development and family studies.

Early Field Work Experience

At this level, students choose two courses, representing different periods of development within the lifespan. These courses are coupled with a concurrent field experience.

Choices include:

  • HDF 203 (4 credits)*
    Introduction to Work with Young Children
  • HDF 306 (4 credits) Infant Development
  • HDF 310 (3 credits) Adolescent Development and
  • HDF 311 (1 credit) Field Experience
  • HDF 312 (3 credits)
  • HDF 314 (4 credits) Introduction to Gerontology

* Students planning to certify in early childhood education must take HDF 203 as one field experience

Senior Field Work Experience

For Early Childhood Education Students Only:

  • EDC 484 Supervised Student Teaching (12 Credits) Fall Only
  • EDC 485 Seminar in teaching (3 credits)

The above two courses fulfill the senior field work requirement.

All other HDF Students may select one of the following:

  • HDF 480 Senior Field Experience and Senior Reflections (6 to 12 credits) concurrent with HDF 481 Field Experience Seminar (1 credit)
  • HDF 477 Field Experience in Financial Planning (3 credits)
  • HDF 478 Field Experience in Financial Planning (3 credits)
  • HDF 497 Special Problems (A Supervised Volunteer Experience) 3 credits per semester up to 9 credits

Internships and Experiential Education (Itr):

  • ITR 301 Field Experience (6 to 12 credits)
  • ITR 303 Colloquium I (3 credits)