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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

From Our Graduates

"The MFT program prepared me to be a caring, confident and competent clinician. I graduated from the MFT program at URI in 2002 and have since provided therapy and supervision in agency, residential and private practice settings. As a student, the program exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. The program is strong in exploring theoretical models, research driven treatment, and practical applications. The class work prepared me to treat a vast array of clinical issues with diverse clients. The professors are highly experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable. They are committed to the development of the student therapists and invest themselves in helping each student to develop the clinical skills and concepts needed to be effective."

Peter Rossi, LMFT, private practice
President, Rhode Island Association for Marital and Family Therapy

"I greatly appreciate my time at URI. When I graduated in 1995, I thought everyone had hands-on training when they did a clinical graduate program, but I have since learned that is an incorrect assumption. What I appreciated most was the on-site clinic, which allowed for more direct supervision by the professors who trained me. I also appreciated the small cohort, providing for greater contact with professors, and the ability to make life-long friends. The faculty was both challenging and supportive. I learned an exceptional amount in a short period. I feel that the URI MFT program gave me the foundation I needed to grow and prosper as a therapist, researcher, and teacher."

Jennifer Connor, Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University (MN), Marriage and Family graduate program

"My experience in the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program at the University of Rhode Island was truly singular. In addition to providing me with the theoretical knowledge base and practical skills necessary to work effectively with a diverse set of clinical problems and populations, it also challenged me to think critically about myself. More than just preparing me for a career in private practice, however, it also served as a solid foundation for me to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. While I am deeply proud of the clinical and research training I received in the program, I am especially thankful for the excellent supervision and the lifelong connections I made along the way. Overall, I would highly recommend the MFT program to anyone who is seriously committed to improving the lives of others."

Jayson Spas, Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology, URI

"The University of Rhode Island MFT program has changed the way I conduct therapy with clients and families and challenged me to look at all areas of clients' lives through a systemic perspective. Prior to my URI training, I was a Substance Abuse Counselor and worked primarily with individuals who relapsed when the systems they returned to remained unchanged. After I learned how to work not only with the client, but also with the families and other systems (DCYF, probation, religious organizations, e.g.), clients were able to maintain changes made in therapy. My educational experience in this program has been invaluable in helping me to reach my professional goals as a therapist."

Kate Sikorski, MFT, CADC
Coordinator, Ledyard Youth Services

"The MFT program at URI prepared me for a lifetime of learning about human systems. I see things differently than colleagues who don't understand systems. I can design interventions and strategies that empower people to take responsibility for affecting the quality of their relationships. This works not just with couples and families, but with larger systems as well. In fact, I chose to apply those skills to organization management, and I can't imagine a better preparation for this work."

Karen Gautney, Deputy Executive Director, AAMFT