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Graduate Student Theses/Practicums: Selected Titles and Topics


Baldaia, Suzanne. Modernity and Space Age Fashion: A Semiotic and Historical Analysis of Meaning Transfer (1993). Advisor: Cerny

Britton, Nancy. Coach Lace: Industry, Production and Markets (1999) Advisor: Welters

Butterworth, Jeffrey A. Gentle Souls: Shoemakers in Seventeenth-Century Boston (1998). Advisor: Welters

Coho, Cathy J. Textile Pseudomorphs from a Seventeenth-Century New England Native American Burial Site (1993). Advisor: Ordoņez

Conopask, Karin. Conservation of Ship Model Sails (1995). Advisor: Ordoņez

Cooper, Cynthia. Brilliant and Instructive Spectacles: Canada’s Fancy Dress Balls 1876-1898 (1993). Advisor: Welters

Dimock, Cynthia. Rhode Island Military Uniforms: Exhibition and Conservation (1997). Advisor: Ordoņez

Erra, Sravanthi. The Effect of Polyester Fiber Parameters on Uptake and Release of Ciprofloxacin. (2006). Advisor: Bide

Eubanks, Elizabeth Vaughn. Using Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for the Identification of Natural Dyes on the Fiber (1999) Advisor: Bide

Faria, Rebecca.  Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun and Parisian Fashion, 1778-1789. (2002). Advisor: Welters

Fisher, Shawn. The Effect of Freeze-Drying on Selected Properties of Wool Fabric (1997). Advisor: Bide

Fredette, Tess. The Identification and Removal of Iron Stains from Historic White Cotton (1998) Advisor: Ordoņez

Fronko, Janice. Jonathan Holmes Cobb (1799-1882), the New England Silk Company and American Sericulture (2007). Advisor: Welters.

Gagnon, Blair  Egyptian Appliques: Tourist Textiles (2002). Advisor: Welters

Gale, Mary Beth. Indigo -Resist Prints from Eighteenth-Century America: Production and Provenance. (2001). Advisor: Ordoņez

Hall, Rebecca.  Textiles, Tradition,, and Tourism in Laos (2002). Advisor: Moreno

Hastie, Taylor. James Gould: A Merchant Tailor in Revolutionary Newport (1991). Advisor: Welters

Huang, Hongxin The Dyeing Application of Ofloxacin to Carboxylated Polyurethane (2002). Advisor: Bide

Hwang, Sooyeon. The Bullwhip Effect in the Apparel Supply Chain. (2004). Advisor: Harps-Logan

Iannuccilli, Claudia. Clothing of New England Whalemen, 1840-1869 (1995) Advisor: Welters

Irvin, Kate. Cultural Cross-Dressing in Arab Lands: Isabelle Eberhardt and T.E. Lawrence. (2004). Advisor: Welters

Jerome, Susan J. Trade Cloth on American Whaling Ships. (2006). Advisor: Ordoņez

Johnson-Dibb, Rebecca T. Identification of Dyes on Textiles from RI-1000, a Seventeenth- Century Narragansett Indian Burial Site (1994). Advisor: Ordoņez

Kaplan, Karen. Product Endorsement: A Study of Advertisements Featuring Dancer Anna Pavlova, 1910-1919. (2002). Advisor: Welters

King, Deborah. Deacidification of Naturally Aged Jute Fabrics (1993). Advisor: Ordoņez

LaVallee, Donna. The Abrasiveness of Sheer Overlay Fabrics used in Textile Conservation. (2005). Advisor: Ordoņez

Liu, Christine. Comparison of the Buyer’s Job between Large and Small Retail Stores (1993). Advisor: Harps-Logan

Long, Lizhi. The Reuse of Dyebaths for Direct Dyes on Cotton (1993). Advisor: Bide

Lund, Amy. Art and Textile Design: The Onondaga Silk Company’s “American Artist Print Series” of 1947 (1993). Advisor: Welters

Lykken, Elizabeth. Robert Gardner’s Buckskin Outfit: A Material Culture Study. (2004). Advisor: Welters

Martin, Elizabeth K. The Development of Baseball Umpires’ Uniforms 1846-1997 (1997). Advisor: Welters

Mathieu, Laura Lea. Fashion Depicted on Scrimshaw in New England Collections: 1825-1890. (2006). Advisor: Welters

McCarthy, Teresa. A Case Study of Self-Expression, Self-Esteem and School Uniforms in a New York City Middle School (1999). Advisor: Moreno

McGrath, Matthew. Hanger Design for Vertical Storage of Historic Apparel (2003). Advisor: Ordoņez.

Mobley, Liisa.  Conservation of Woven Straw Bonnets from Nineteenth-Century New England (1992). Advisor: Ordoņez

Montenegro, Diane.  Dan Cooper, American Designer (1901-1965) (2000).  Advisor: Welters

Mullins, Willow G. Central Asian Felt Animal Trappings and Their Conservation (2002). Advisor: Ordoņez

Ott, Louise. Jenny Sacerdote, A Forgotten French Designer, 1908-1940 (2004). Advisor: Welters

Paskausky, Delores Smith. Use of Adhesive-Coated Backing Fabrics: Ensuring Drapability of Costumes (1998) Advisor: Ordoņez

Putnam, Gail. “I Give and Bequeth to My Heirs and Assigns Forever...,” The Legacy of a Narragansett Planter (1995). Advisor: Welters

Reinhardt, Priscilla. Symmetry Analysis of Greek Embroideries (1996). Advisor: Welters

Sanford, Melanie.  The Identification and Removal of Aged Deodorant, Antiperspirant,  and Perspiration Stains on White Cotton (2002) Advisor: Ordonez

Saville, Deborah. Freud, Flappers, and Greenwich Village Bohemians: The Influence of Modern Psychological Thought on Women's Dress, 1910-1923. (2005). Advisor: Welters

Sebor-Cable, Pamela. The Fine Art of Costuming: The Interrelationship Between Visual Art and the Creation of Costumes for “The Firebird” Ballet (2001). Advisor: Welters

Stack, Eileen. Very Picturesque and Very Canadian: The Significance of the Blanket Coat to Anglo-Canadian Identity in the Second Half of the Nineteenth-Century (1999). Advisor: Welters

Stevens, Sarah C. Costume-Related Artifacts from the Mill Pond Site, Boston, Massachusetts. (2000) Advisor: Ordoņez

Tantisirinapadech, Suntaree. Attitudes of South African Black Women toward Branded Apparel (1997). Advisor: Harps-Logan

Tarleton, Kathryn. Analysis of Post-Excavation Stabilization Methods for Wet Site Archaeological Textiles (1992). Advisor: Ordoņez

Tepfenhart, Linda. Goddess Symbols on Greek Women’s Folk Dress (1989). Advisor: Welters

Urick, Jessica Lynn. Conservation of Deliberately Concealed Objects from Nantucket, Massachusetts. (2006). Advisor: Ordoņez

Wang, Xiao-Ming.  An Investigation of the Factors Affecting Levelness of Dyeing in Reused Dyebath (1995) Advisor: Bide

Webber-Hanchett, Tiffany. Dorothy Shaver: Promoter of "the American Look" (2003). Advisor: Welters

Yuan, Chunqing. Development of Infection-Resistant Polyurethanes by Dyeing Technology (1998). Advisor: Bide

Zhong, Tao. Surface Modification of Polyester via Aminolysis by Diamines. (2003). Advisor: Bide

Current Approved Thesis Titles

Aho, Sandra. Reweaving and Reknitting Techniques for Conservation Repair and Stabilization.

Farley, Amanda. Analysis of Current Wetcleaning Techniques in Textile Conservation.

Hsu, Chiao-Yin (Julie). The Efficiency of a Promotional Strategy of Shopping Malls. 

Juillet-Paonessa, Mary. Blurred Lines: Regionalism in Quilts Across State Borders, 1750-1880.

Krawczyk, Jennifer. Shopping Mall Types: A Comparative Study of Consumer Preferences.

Steere, Joann. The Perrin Collection: History, Art, and Fashion in Nineteenth-Century Bags and Purses.

Vorse, Deborah. Reflections of Modernism: Textiles from the Tirocchi Dressmaking Shop, 1915-1947.

Walker, Blair. Livery in Newport’s Gilded Age.

Sterregaard, Tora. Connecticut Quilts Before 1840.