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Summer 2016

Calabria, on the southern tip of Italy, boasts unforgettable vistas across rugged mountains, vast golden wheat fields and age-old olive trees that grow as tall as eucalyptus. Step back into history when you visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Tour beautiful Byzantine churches and walk the streets of medieval towns. Learn to cook traditional dishes and visit local artisans. Cultural events abound, from local festivals, to tradition parties, with meals and music, and lectures by prominent Italian and international scholars.


Students can earn 6-9 URI credits that satisfy the modern language, and other requirements. Italian language and culture, Film, and English Literature courses are offered. No previous Italian language study is required to participate in the program, which is open to students coming from other schools. Adult learners are also welcome to apply. Courses are available in English and Italian.

Housing and Dining:

While in Italy, students will stay in dormitories or furnished apartments. Bed linens and towels will be provided along with most breakfasts and dinners. Hotels and most meals are offered during excursions. Wireless Internet Service is available in various locations that will be visited.

Excursions & Cultural Activities:

While in Italy, students will engage in cultural tours and excursions including: cooking labs; interation with the local people; museum visits; movie nights; conferences and seminars; tours of Calabria, archaeological sites, churches and medieval towns; one week trip to two more regions in Italy: Basilicata and Puglia (students will stay in Otranto at an hotel next to the beach) and Basilicata.

List of possible places we will visit in Puglia and Basilicata.



  • Otranto: Medieval city overlooking the Adriatic Sea and widely known throughout Italy for its world-renowned sandy beaches.

  • Salento Peninsula: Italy’s most visited coast. Students from the summer of 2014 took a private boat ride into this beautiful location

  • Lecce: Considered as the “Florence of the South” for its magnificent Baroque Architecture.

  • Altamura: Home of the best and most famous bread in Italy.

  • Alberobello: Protected by UNESCO, for its “Trulli” stone structures built by farmers, which could easily be demolished to prevent taxation by the ruling Spaniards.

  • Scorrano: Most famous for its annual “Festa di Santa Domenica”, a feast of bright lights.

  • Gallipoli: Also called "Città Bella" (Beautiful Town) and "Perla dello Jonio" (Pearl of Jonion sea) for it's wonderful medieval structure and it's beaches.


  • Ostuni: Also called "Città Bianca" (White Town) for the white-painted walls typical of the houses; Ostuni is also famous for its baroque-style churches and buildings.


  • Galatina, Martina Franca, Caroppo, Minervino, Specchia, Castro: are other towns we might visit in Puglia.




  • Matera: Chosen as the European City of the year for 2019 and protected by UNESCO (World Heritage Centre) for its "Sassi," or stone caves.


  • Metaponto: Home of the preserved ancient Greek Temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Hera.

Photo Gallery: Available Here!


Optional Visit to Rome:


If interested, students will have the option to visit Rome before the start of the program or after the program ends for an additional fee. The fee includes a faculty member chaperone, hotel accommodations, daily breakfast and dinner, metro pass, bus to or from Calabria and all tour admissions. Tours include visits to: the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. A complete itinerary is available here.


  • Option A: June 23-26, 2015

                       $600 - Double Room   $650 - Single Room

Program Fees:

Program A: TBA (6 credits)    Program B: TBA (7 credits)

Program C: TBA (8 credits)    Program D: TBA (9 credits)

6-9 URI Credits Accommodations Breakfast and dinner
Computer and WIFI
Excursions and activities
In-country transportation


 NOTE: All fees subject to change



Program Deadlines

Application Deadline: TBA

Final Payment Due: TBA


For more information, please contact:


Program Director Office of Faculty-Led Programs
Michelangelo La Luna International Center
Language Department 37 Lower College Road
401-874-5968 401-874-5546


This program meets the summer programs eligibility requirements for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program.


The University of Rhode Island prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, color, creed, national origin, handicap, or sexual orientation and discrimination against disabled persons and veterans.


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