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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992

Plant Sciences

Alm, Steven R.  SEE also: Yeh, Tamson.

Alm, Steven R., Tamson Yeh, James L. Hanula and Ramon Georgis. "Biological Control of Japanese, Oriental, and Black Turfgrass Ataenius Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Larvae With Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Nematoda: Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae)." Journal of Economic Entomology. 85(5):1660-1665. October 1992.

Beckman, Carl H.  SEE: Shi, J.

Carroll, Mary C., Howard S. Ginsburg, Kerwin E. Hyland and Renji Hu. "Distribution of Ixodes damini (Acari: Isodidae) in Residential Lawns on Prudence Island, Rhode Island." Journal of Medical Entomology 29(6):1052. 1992.

Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE also: Drummond, Francis A.

Casagrande, Richard A. "Bronze Birch Borer Deadly." Narragansett' Times. June 24, 1992. p.9 C.

Casagrande, Richard A. "Don't Let Firewood Pests Stack the Odds Against You." In Touch. 15(5):7. November/December 1992.

Casagrande, Richard A. "Will New Plant Ward Off Mosquitos? (Ask the Experts)." In Touch. 15(2):7. May/June 1992.

Ding, Biao, James S. Haudenshield, Richard J. Hull, Shmuel Wolf, Roger N. Beachy and William J. Lucas. "Secondary Plasmodesmata Are Specific Sites of Localization of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus Movement Protein in Transgenic Tobacco Plants." PIant Cell. 4(8):915-928. August 1992.

Drummond, Francis A., Richard A. Casagrande and Patrick A. Logan. "Impact of the Parasite, CHRYSOMELOBL4 LABIDOMERAE Eickwort 1 on the Colorado Potato Beetle 2,3 ' International Journal of Acarology. 18(2):107-115. June 1992.

Englander, Larry. "Greenshare: Crabapple Q & A Coming Up at URI." Providence Sunday Journal. May 17,1992.  p.12.

Englander, Larry. "Greenshare Early Warning: New Varieties of Crab Apple Trees More Resilient, Hardy and Attractive." Narrragansett Times. May 20, 1992.  p.9-C.

Englander, Larry. "If You Check Out Today's Crabapple Varieties, You'll See They're Better Than Ever." In Touch. 15(2):14. May/June 1992.

Englander, Larry and Marsha Browning. Modern Flowering Crabapples (Brochure). URI Publications Office. 1992.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE: Carroll, Mary C.

Ginsberg, Howard S. "Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Mosquitoes."  IN:: Proceedings of the 1991 Assateague Island Science Conference. U. S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service. 1991.  p.41-45.

Ginsberg, Howard S. Ecology and Management of Ticks and Lyme Disease at Fire Island National Seashore and Selected Eastern National Parks. United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service. (Scientific Monograph NPS/SRSUNJ/NRSM-92/20) 1992.  77p.

Ginsberg, Howard S. "Trends in Abundance of Ticks and Lyme Spirochetes at Fire Island National Seashore."  IN: Proceedings of the Second National Park Service Conference on Science and Natural Resource Management in the North Atlantic Region. Office of Scientific Studies, National Park Service and University of Rhode Island. 1991 . p.85-88.

Gould, Lisa L. and Irene H. Stuckey. "Plants Invasive in ARhode island." Newsletter of the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society. 6(2):1-6. September 1992.

Hanson, Richard E.  SEE also: Simeoni, Angelo E.

Hanson, Richard E. and Angelo Simeoni. "Concrete."  IN: Handbook of Landscape Architectural Construction. Vol. Four: Materials for Landscape Construction, Edited by Scott S. Weinberg and Gregg A. Coyle. Landscape Architecture Foundation. 1992.  p.29-39.

Hull, Robert J.  SEE also: Ding, Biao.

Hull, Robert J. "Energy Relations and Carbohydrate Partitioning in Turfgrasses."  IN: Turfgrass. D. V. Waddington, R. N. Carrow and R. C. Shearman, Co-Editors. American Society of Agronomy; Crop Science Society of America; Soil Science Society of America. (Agronomy Monograph No.32) 1992.  p.175-205.

Logan, Patrick A.   SEE also: Drummond, Francis A.

Logan, Patrick. "A Pair of R.I. Entomologists Are Learning a Lot From New Studies of Ancient Insects." In Touch 15(3):1-2. July/August 1992.

McGuire, John. "Andromeda Is a Broadleaved Plant Whose Appeal Is Ever Green." In Touch. 15(l):4. March/April 1992.

McGuire, John J. "The Game Plan for Tre- Planting Has Changed Somewhat." In Touch. 15(4):2,11. September/October 1992.

McGuire, John J. "Have You Ever Considered Creating an Alpine Garden?" In Touch 15(3):14. July/August 1992.

Maynard, B. K "A New Method for Propagating Turkish Filberts From Cuttings." Yankee Nurse Quarterly. 2(4):1 2,10-11. Winter 1992.

Maynard, B. K and N. L. Bassuk. "Stock Plant Etiolation, Shading, and Banding Effects on Propagation on Carpinus Betulus." Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Science. 117(5):740-744. September 1992.

Mueller, W. C., A T. Morgham and R. D. Goos. "Ultrastructure of the Wall of the Hyphal Coils of the Microthyriaceae." Mycological Research. 96(9):798-800. September 1992.

Ruemmele, Bridget.  SEE also: White, Richard H.

Ruernmele, Bridget. "Among Cool-Season Grasses, Perennial Ryes Show Major Improvements." In Touch. 15(2):13. May/June 1992.

Ruemmele, B. A. and M. C. Engelke. "Establishing Warm-Season Turfgrasses." Grounds Maintenance. 127(8):42,44,68. August 1992.

Ruemmle, Bridget. "Grass Seed Prices Are For the Birds." Providence Sunday Journal. August 30, 1992. p.G 17.

Ruemmle, Bridget. "Greenshare: You Need a Game Plan to Tackle Weeds." Providence Sunday Journal. September 13, 1992.  p.G19.

Ruemmle, Bridget. "Lawn Thatch, In Moderation, Is Something You Can Live With." In Touch 15(3):2,13. July/August 1992.

Ruemmele, Bridget. "Versatile Kentucky Bluegrass, An Old Favorite Here in New England, Is Being Evaluated Here at URI." In Touch. 15(l):3. March/April 1992.

Ruemmele, Bridget. "You Can Repair Damaged Lawns With Sod as Well As Seed." In Touch. 15(4):10. September/October 1992.

Shi, J., W. C. Mueller and C. H. Beckman. "Vessel Occlusion and Secretory Activities of Vessel Contact Cells in Resistant or Susceptible Cotton Plants Infected With Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum." Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology. 40(2):133-147. February 1992.

Simeoni, Angelo E.  SEE also: lHnson, Richard.

Simeoni, Angelo E. "Masonry."  IN: Handbook of Landscape Architectural Construction. Vol, Four: Materials for Landscape Construction, Edited by Scott S. Weinberg and Gregg A. Coyle. Landscape Architecture Foundation. 1992.  p.41-52.

Stuckey, Irene H.  SEE also: Gould, Lisa L.

Stuckey, Irene H. "Plants Beside the Sea 54: Hackbcrry." Maritimes. 36(l):16. February 1992.

Stuckey, Irene H. "Plants Beside the Sea 55: Common Scouring Rush." Maritimes. 36(2):16. Summer 1992.

Stuckey, Irene H. "Plants Beside the Sea 56: Ladies' Tresses." Maritimes. 36(3):16-17. Fall 1992.

Stuckey, Irene H. "Plants Beside the Sea 57: Eastern Red Cedar." Maritimes. 36(4):20. Winter 1992.

Sullivan, W. Michael. "Greenshare: Fall Into the Habit of Checking Your Soil." Providence Sunday Journal. September 20, 1992.  p.G31-32.

White, Richard H., Milton C. Engelke, Sharon J. Morton, Jennifer M. Johnson-Cicalese and Bridget A. Ruemmele. "Acremonium Endophyte Effects on Tall Fescue Drought Tolerance." Crop Science. 32(6):1392-1396. November December 1992.

White, R. H., M. C. Engelke, S. J. Morton and B. A. Ruernmele. "Competitive Turgor'Maintenance in Tall Fescue." Crop Science. 32(l):251-256. January/February 1992.

Yeh, Tamson and Steven R. Alm. "Effects of Entomopathogenic Nematode Species, Rate, Soil Moisture, and Bacteria on Control of Japanese Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Larvae in the Laboratory." Journal of Economic Entomology. 2144-2148. December 1992.

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