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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1998

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Anderson, James L.  SEE: Lombardi, W. M.; Zucker, D. A.

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Swallow, Stephen K.  SEE also: Johnston, R. J.; Kline, Jeffrey D.; Spencer, Michael A.

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Tyrrell. Timothy J. and Victoria Nally. The Economic Impact ofthe 1997 Ben & Jerry's Folk Festival on Newport and the State of Rhode Island. Office of Travel, Tourism and Recreation, Department of Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island. 1998.  50p.

Wessells, Cathy R.  SEE also: Guodmunsson, E.; Holland, Daniel; Johnson, Aaron J.

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Zucker, D. A. and J. L. Anderson. "Implications of Choice Behavior and Preference in Niche Markets." Agriculural Economics & Management. 2(2):61-70. September 1998.

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