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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006


Allen, Jim and Thomas Boving. MTBE Drinking Water Contamination in Pascoag, RI: A Tracer Test for Investigating the Fate and Transport of Contaminants in a Fractured Rock Aquifer. Final Report Submitted to Rhode Island Water Resources Center. June 5, 2006. 

Allen, J. and T. B. Boving. Summary of 2005 Aquifer Test and Groundwater Dynamics, Pascoag, Rhode Island. Report to R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management. July 2006.  31p.

Blanford, W. J. and T. B. Boving. "Aquifer Monitoring Shows Complex-Sugar Flushing Increases Potential for Enhanced Biodegradation." US EPA Technology News and Trends. 2006.  p.2-4.

Boothroyd, Jon C.  SEE: Oakley, Bryan A.

Boving, Thomas B.  SEE also: Allen, Jim; Huang, Liyuan.

Boving, T. B., M. H. Stolt, J. Augenstern and B. Brosnan. Porous Pavement and Water Quality: Investigation of a Parking Lot and Its Potential Impact on Subsurface Water. URI Transportation Center. (URITC Project No. 000163) January 2006.  46p. .pdf

Boving, Thomas B. and Kevin Neary. "Testing the Efficiency of a Stormwater Runoff Treatment Structure With Anthropogenic Tracers." Environmental & Engineering Geoscience. 12(2):115-124. May 2006.

Fastovsky, David E.  SEE also: Ross, Marcus R.

Fastovsky, David E. and Andy Buddington. Catastrophic Extinction of the Dinosaurs at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary, 65 Ma. Spokane Community College Media Services. 2006.  1 Videodisc (ca. 48 min.)

Fastovsky, David E., David B. Weishampel and Makoto Manabe. Kyoryugaku: Shinka to Zetsumetsu No Nazo. Maruzen. 2006.  496.  (Translation of Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs. 2nd ed. 2005)

Frohlich, Reinhard K.  SEE: Urish, Daniel W.

Huang, Liyuan, Thomas B. Boving and Baoshan Xing. "Sorption of PAHs by Aspen Wood Fibers as Affected by Chemical Alterations." Environmental Science & Technology. 40(10):3279-3284. May 15, 2006.

Oakley, Bryan A. and Jon C. Boothroyd. "Benthic Geologic Habitats of Greenwich Bay, Rhode Island (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs. Geological Society of America. 38(2):11. March 2006.

Ross, M. R. and D. E. Fastovsky. "Resolving Mosasaur (Daipsida; Squamata) Extinction A cross the Atlantic (Abstract)." Geological Society of America Abstracts With Programs. 38(7):401. 2006.

Ross, Marcus R. and David E. Fastovsky. "Trans-Atlantic Correlations of Upper Cretaceous Marine Sediments: The Mid-Atlantic (USA) and Maastricht (Netherlands) Regions." Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences. 28(1):34-44. March 2006.

Savage, Brian.  SEE: Silver, Paul G.

Silver, Paul G., Mark D. Behn, Katherine Kelley, Mark Schmitz and Brian Savage. "Understanding Cratonic Flood Basalts." Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 245(1):190-201. 15 May 2006.

Urish, Daniel W., Richard K. Frohlich, Francesco C. Rodriguez and Luis F. A. Teixeira. "Geo-Electrical Groundwater Exploration on a Volcanic Island: Terseira, Azores Islands."  IN: SEG 2006 Geophysics Workshop, Vancouver, B. C. July 2006

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