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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2006


Findlay, J. F. "Book Review: Lovett, Bobby L. The Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee: A Narrative History." Choice. June 2006.

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Klein, Maury. "Book Review: Steve Fraser. Every Man a Speculator: A History of Wall Street in American Life." Enterprise & Society. 7(2):406-408. June 2006.

Klein, Maury. "Book Review: The Railroad and the State: War, Politics, and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America. By Robert G. Angevine." Technology and Culture. 47(1):220-221. January 2006.

Klein, Maury. The Flowering of America, the Making of an Organizational Society, 1850-1920. Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. 2006.  (CD; Originally Published 1993)

Klein, Maury. "Get Copy Editors, Not Spellcheck (Letter)." Providence Journal. September 15, 2006.  p.B5.

Klein, Maury. Union Pacific. University of Minnesota Press. 2006.  2v.  (Originally Published 1987)

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Pegueros, Rosa Maria. "Tax Cut for the Wealthy Stuns Professor (Letter)." Providence Journal. July 12, 2006.  p.B5.

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Sterne, Evelyn Savidge. "Book Review: The "Lion & the Lamb': Evangelicals and Catholics in America, by William M. Shea."  Church History. 75(4):946-948. December 2006.

Strom, Sharon Hartman. "Susan Parker Benson, 1943-2005." Radical History Review. 95:272-274. May 2006.

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