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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2007


Blanpied, Peter R.  SEE: Okensendahl, Heidi L.

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Delmonico, Matthew J.  SEE also: Cermiglia, L. M.; Hand, Brian D.; Yae, L.

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Garber, Carol E.  SEE: Friedman, Joseph H.; Summerhill, Eleanor M.

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King, C., David Leonard and Kyle Kusz. "White Power and Sport: An Introduction." Journal of Sport & Social Issues. 31(1):3-10. February 2007.

Kusz, Kyle.  SEE also: King, C.

Kusz, Kyle W. "From NASCAR Nation to Pat Tilman; Notes on Sport and the Politics of White Cultural Nationalism in Post-9/11 America." Journal of Sport & Social Issues. 31(1):77-88. 2007.

Kusz, KyleRevolt of the White Athlete: Race, Media and the Emergence of Extreme Athletes in America. Peter Lang. 2007.  214p.

Lamont, Linda S.  SEE also: Miller, Sharol L.

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Riebe, Deborah.  SEE: Kenefick, R. W.

Roush, Susan E.  SEE also: Scott, Cynthia.

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