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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009


Abt, David L., Karen M. Fischer, Geoffrey A. Abers, Wilfred Stauch, J. Marino Protti, Victor Gonzalez and Iez Shear-Wane. "Shear Wave Anistropy Beneath Nicaragua and Costa Rica: Implications for Flows in the Mantle Wedge." Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 10(5):#Q05515.

Amador, J. A., J. A. Atoyan, T. Boving, D. Kalen and G. Loomis. "Microorganisms."  IN: Development of Soil Treatment Units to Determine the Expected Performance of Unit Processes in Wastewater Soil Treatment Units: A Literature Review. Water Environmental Research Foundation. 2009.  p.2-26 - 2-41.

Boothroyd, Jon C.  SEE also: Oakley, Bryan A.

Boothroyd, Jon and Thomas C. Gustavson. "The Malaspina Glacier, Alaska and the Southeastern of Laurentide Ice, New England: An Analog Revisited (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41(3):37. March 2009.

Boothroyd, John C. "Understanding Coastal Geologic Hazards: Sea Level Rise and Climate Change in Rhode Island."  IN: 2nd National Workshop on Subaqueous Soils, 9 August 2009.

Boving, Thomas.  SEE: Amador, Jose A.; Huang, Liyuan; Logan, Patricia H.; Myrttin, A.

Fastovsky, David E.  SEE also: Ramezani, J.; Tackett, L.TS.; ower, R. E..

Fastovsky, David E. and David B. Weishampel. Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History. Cambridge. 2009.  379p.

Fastovsky, D. E. "Ideas in Dinosaur Paleontology: Resonating to Social and Political Context."  IN: Paleobiological Revolution: Essays on the Growth of Modern Paleontology, Edited by David Sepkoski and Michael J. Ruse. University of Chicago Press. 2009.  p.239-2535.

Fischer, Karen M.  SEE: Abt, David L.; French, S. W.

French, S. W., K. M. Fischer, E. M. Syracuse and M. E. Wysession. "Crustal Structure Beneath the Florida-to-Edmonton Broadband Seismometer Array." Geophysical Research Letters. 36:L08309. April 29, 2009.

Huang, Liyuan, Zhanyang Ou, Thomas B. Boving, Julian Tyson and Baoshen Xing. "Sorption of Copper Chemically Modified Aspen Wood Fibers." Chemosphere. 76(8):1056-1061. August 2009.

Kortz, Karen M., David Murray and Jessica S. May. "Why Students Have Difficulties Learning About Rocks and Their Formation (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41(3):17. March 2009.

Logan, Patricia H., Anne Veeger and Thomas B. Boving. "Improving Drinking Water Quality by Better Understanding Groundwater/Surface Water (Abstract)."  Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41(3):96. March 2009.

Murray, Daniel P.  SEE: Kortz, Karen M.

Myrttin, A., T. Boving and O. Kolditz. "Modeling of an MTBE Plume at Pascoag, Rhode Island." Environmental Geology. 57(5):1197-1206. May 2009. "Erratum: Modeling of an MTBE Plume at Pascoag, Rhode Island." Environmental Geology. 57(5):1207. May 2009.

Oakley, Bryan A. and Jon C. Bootroyd. "Sediment Transport on the Watch Hill-Misquamicut, Rhode Island Shoreface Based on Repeat Side-Scan Sonar Surveys (Abstract)."  Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41(3):85. March 2009.

Ramezani, J., S. A. Bowring, D. E. Fastovsky and G. D. Hoke. "U-Pb ID-TIMS Geochronology of nthe Late Triassic Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41:4221.  2009.

Rutherford, Scott D.  SEE: Steig, Eric J.

Savage, Brian.  SEE: Wang, Yun.

Steig, Eric J., David P. Schneider, Scott D. Rutherford, Michael E. Mann, Josefino C. Comiso and Drew T. Shindell. "Warming of the Antarctic Ice-Sheet Surface Since the 1957 International Geophysical Year." Nature. 457(7228):4590-462. January 22, 2009.

Tackett, L. S., D. J. Bottjer, P. M. Sheehan and D. E. Fastovsky. "Comparative Benthhic Paleoecology of Two Large Bolide Impact Events: Chicxulub and Manicouagan (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41:240. 2009.

Tovar, R. E., D. E. Fastovsky, M. Benammi and E. Centeno-Garcia. "A New Locality of Dinosaur Bones in Volcaniclastic Sediments in Michoacan, Mexico (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 41:209.  2009.

Veeger, Anne.  SEE: Logan, Patricia.

Wang, Yun, David W. Forsyth and Brian Savage. "Convective Upwelling in the Marine Mantle Beneath the Gulf of California." Nature. 462(7272):499-501 November 25, 2009.

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