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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009


Blissmer, Bryan J.  SEE: Greaney, Mary L.; Marquez, Davis; Riebe, Debra; Velicer, Wayne F.

Cawthorn, Peggy Mannen, Kathleen M. Fox, Shravanthi R. Gandra, Matthew J. Delmonico, Chiun-Fang Chiou, Mary S. Anthony, Ase Sewall, Bret Goodpastor, Suzanne Satterfield, Steven R. Cummings and Tamara B. Harris. "Do Muscle Mass, Muscle Density, Strength and Physical Function Similarly Influence of Hospitalization in Older Adults?" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 57(8):1411-1419. August 2009.

Delmonico, Matthew J.  SEE also: Cawthorn, Peggy Mannen; Hanson, Eric D.; Manini, Todd M.

Delmonico, Matthew J., K. Clark, P. Chomwentowski, A. B. Newton and B. Goodpastor."Effect of Resistance Training With Weight Loss on Lower Extremity Muscle Power in Overweight Older Adults (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 49(Suppl 2):210. October 2009.

Delmonico, Matthew J., Tamara B. Harris,  Marjolein Visser, Seok Won Park, Molly B. Conroy, Pedro Velasquez-Mieyer, Robert Boudreau, Todd M. Manini, Michael Nevitt, Anne B. Newman and Bret H. Goodpastor for the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study. "Longitudinal Study or Muscle Strength, Quality, and Adipose Tissue Infiltration." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 90(6):1579-1585. December 1,  2009.

Dunn, M. E., A. E. Stanhewicz, T. G. Manfredi, A. C. Cosmas, K. L. Rodgers and F. J. Vetter. "The Isolated Perfused Working Mouse Heart System." Proceedings of the IEEE 35th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2009.

Fragala, Maren S., William J. Kraemer, Jeff S. Volek, Carl M. Maresh, Michael J. Puglisi, Jakob L. Vingren, Jen-Yu Ho, Disa L. Hatfield, Barry A. Spiering, Cassandra E. Forsythe, Gwendolyn A. Thomas, Erin E. Quann, Jeffrey M.  Anderson and Robert L. Hesslink, Jr. "Influences of a Dietary Supplement in Combination With an Exercise and Diet Regimen on Adipocytokines and Adiposity in Women Who Are Overweight." European Journal of Applied Physiology. 105(5):665-672.  2009.

Garber, Carol Ewing.  SEE: Riebe, Debra.

Greaney, Mary L., Faith D. Lees, Adrienne A. White, Sarah F. Dayton, Deborah Riebe, Bryan Blissmer, Suzanne Schoff, Jennifer R. Walsch and Geoffrey W. Greene. "College Students Barriers and Enablers for Healthful  Weight Management: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Education and Behavior. 41(4):281-286. July-August 2009.

Hanson, Eric D., S.\indhu R. Srivatsan, Siddharitha Agarwal, Kalapurakkal S. Menon, M J. Delmonico, Min Q. Wang and Ben F. Hurley. "Effects of Strength Training on Physical Influence of Power Strength and Body Composition." Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 23(9):2627-2637. December 2009.

Hatfield, Disa L  SEE: Fragala, Maren; Kraemer, William J.; Lester, Mark E.; McCullough, Amy S.; Vinagren, Jakob L.

Kraemer, William J., Disa L. Hatfield, Jeff S. Volek, Maren Fragala, Jakob L. Vingren, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Barry A. Spiering, Gwendolyn A. Thomas, Jen Y. Ho, Erin E. Quann, Mikel Izquierdo, Maresh Keijo and Carl M. Marsh."Effects of Amino Acids Supplement on Physiological Adaptation to Resistance Training."  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 41(5):1111-1121. May 2009.

Kraemer, William J., Barry A. Spiering, Jeff S. Volek, Gerard J. Martin, Robert L. Howard, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Disa L. Hatfield, Jakob L. Vingren, Jen Yu Ho, Maren S., Fragala, Gremdolyn A. Thomas Duncan N. French, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Keij Hakkinen and Carl M. Maresh. "Recovery From a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Game: Muscle Damage and Hormonal Status." Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. 23(1):2-10. January 2009.

Lester, Mark E., Maria L. Urso, Racher K. Evans, Joseph R. Pierce, Barry A. Spiering, Carl M. Maresh, Disa L. Hatfield, William S. Kraemer and Bradley C. Nindl. "Influence of Exercise Mode and Osteogenic Index on Biomarker Responses During Short-Term Physical Training." Bone. 45(4):768-Otober 2009.

Manfredi, Thomas G.  See: Dunn, M. E.

Manini, Todd M., James E. Evahart, Stephen D. Anton, Dale A. Schoeller, Steve R. Cummings, Dawn C. Mackay, Matthew J. Delmonico, Douglas C. Bauer, E. M. Simonsick, Lisa H. Colbert, Marjolein Visser, Frances Tylavsky, Anne B. Newman and Tamara B. Harris  for the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study. "Activity Energy Expenditure and Change in Body Composition in Late Life." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 30(5):1336-1342. November 1, 2009.

Marques, David, X., Eduardo F. Bustamante, Bryan J. Blissmer and Thomas R. Prochaska. "Health Promotion for Successful Aging." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 3(1):12-19. January/February. 2009.

McCullough, Amy S., William J. Kraemer, Jeff S. Volek, Glenn F. Solomon-Hill Jr., Disa L. Hatfield, Jakob L. Vingren, Ho Jen-Yu, Maren S. Fragala, Gwendolyn A. Thomas, Keijo Hakkinen and Carl M. Maresh. "Factors Affecting Flutter Kicking Speed in Women Who Are Competitive and Recreational Swimmers." Journal of Strength & Coordinating Research. 23(7):2130-2136. October 2009.

Riebe, Deborah.  SEE also: Greaney, Mary L.; Scioli, Erica Rose.

Riebe, D., B. Blissmer and M. Greaney. "Factors Predicting the Maintenance of Physical Activity: Results From the Senior Project (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 49(Suppl.2):329. October 2009.

Reibe, Deborah, Bryan J. Blissmer, Mary L. Greany, Carol Ewing Garber, Faith D. Lees and Phillip G. Clark.  "The Relationship Between Obesity, Physical Activity, and Physical Function in Older Adults." Journal of Aging and Health. 21(8):1159-1178. December 2009.

Scioli, Erica Rose, Henry Biller, Joseph Rossi and Deborah Reibe. "Personal Motivation, Exercise, and Smoking Behaviors Among Young Adults." Behavioral Medicine. 35(2):57-67. Summer 2009.

Velicer, W. F., T. Bickmore, Bryan Blissmer, C. Redding, J. Johnson, Meier and Jenna Zaffini. "Relational Agent Interventions for Multiple Risk Factors: Demonstration and Initial Results (Abstract)." Psychology & Health. 24:403. 2009.

Vinagren, Jakob L., William J. Kraemer, Disa L. Hatfield, Jeff S. Volek, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Keijo Hakkinen, Juna Ahtiainen, Maren S. Fragala, Gwendolyn A. Thomas, Jen-Yu Ho and Carol M. Maresh. "Effect of Resistance Exercise on Muscle Steroid Receptor Problem Content in Strength-Trained Men and Women." Steroids. 74(13-14):1033-103. November-December 2009.

Xu, Furong, Wenhao Liu and Robert Schmidleini. "Relations of Physical Activity And Mental Health in University Students (Abstract)." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 80(1):A35, Suppl.S. March 2009.

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