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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2009

Plant Sciences

Acosta, Ivan F., Helene Laparra, Sandra P. Romero, Eric. Schmelz, Mats Hamberg, John P. Mottinger, Marie A. Moreno and Stephen L. Dellaporta. "Tasselseed1 Is a Lipaxygenase Affecting Jasmonic Acid Signaling in Sex Determination of Maize." Science. 323(5911):252-255. January 5, 2009.

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Mashtoly, Tamer A.; Ramoutar, Darryl.

Brei, Brandon, John S. Brownstein, John E. George, J. Matthews Pound, J. Allen Miller, Thomas J. Daniels, Richard C. Falco, Kirby C. Stafford III, Terry L. Schulze, Thomas N. Mather, John F. Carrll and Durland Fish. "Evaluation of the United States Department of Agriculture Northeast Area-Wide Tick Control Project by Meta-Analysis." Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 9(4):423-430. August 2009.

Brown, Rebecca N.  SEE also: Fetter, Joe; Krishnan, Sanalkuma;  Meyerson, Laura A.

Brown, Rebecca Nelson, Cynthia Percivalle and Araneda Geunhwa. "Evaluation of the new England Velvet Bentgrass Collection." Turfgrass and Environmental Research Summary. 2009.  p.31.

Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE also: Ingwell, L.

Casagrande, R., R. G. Van Driesche, M. Mayer, R. Fuester, D. Gilreon, L. Tewksbury and H. Faubert. "Biological Control of Fenusa Pusilla (Hymenoptera: tenthredinidae) in the Northeastern United States: A Thirty Four Year Perspective on Efficacy." Florida Entomologist. 92(2):243-247. June 2009

Chandlee, Joel.  SEE: Schreier, Leeann..

Dellaporta, Stephen L.  SEE: Acosta, Ivan F.; Nicotra, Matthew L.; Persson, Beng.

Fetter, Joe, Rebecca Brown, Jose Amador and Chong Lee."Effectiveness of Squid Hydrolysate as a Home LawnFertilizer and Its Environmental Impact (Abstract)." International Annual Meetings. 2009. p.[53670]

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: James-Pirri, Mary Jane, Kluft, Jacqueline; Lubertazzi, Maria; Rochin, Ilia.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Subject Editor. Journal of Medical Entomology.

Hoen, A. G., L. G. Rolland, M. A. Papero, J. F. Carroll, T. J. Daniels, T. N. Mather, T. L. Schulze, K. C. Stafford and D. Fish. "Effect of Tick Control by Acaracide Self-Treatment of White-Tailed Deer on Host-Seeking Tick Infection Prevalence and Entomologic Risk for Ixodes Scapularis-Borne Pathogens."  Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 9(4):431-438.  August 2009.

Hull, Richard J. and John T. Bushover. "Does Research Offer Answers to Problem of Summer Decline?" Golfdom. 65(1):66. 2009.

Hull, Richard J. and Haibo Liu. "Improving Foliar Fertilization of Turf." Golfdom. 65(6):47. June 2009."

Hull, Richard J. "The Origin of Turfgrass." Golfdom. 65(11):63. November 2009.

Ingwell, Laura, J. Brady, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Brian Maynard, Richard Casagrande and Evan Preisser. "Intraspecific Variation in Tsuga canadensis Foliar Chemistry." Northeastern Naturalist. 16(4):585-594. 2009.

James-Pirri, Mary Jane, Howard S. Ginsberg, R. Michael Erwin and Janith Taylor. "Effects of Open Marsh Water Management on Numbers of Larval Salt Marsh Mosquitoes." Journal of Medicinal Entomology. 46(6):1392-1399. November 2009.

Karim, Shahid.  SEE: Kotsyfakis, Michail.

Kluft, Jacqueline M. and Howard S. Ginsberg. The Effect of Off-Road Vehicles on Barrier Beach Invertebrates at Cape Cod and Fire Island National Seashores. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Northeast Region, Boston, Massachusetts. (NPS/NER/NRTR-2009/138) 2009. 42p.

Kotsyfakis, Michail, Jose M. Riberio, Jesus G. Valenzuela, John Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Shahid Karim and Thomas Mather. Methods for Detection and Prevention of Tick Infestation and Pathogen Transmission. PCT. InT.Appl. (2009) 94p. PIXXD2 WO 2009017689 A2 AN2009:140636.

Krishnan, Sanalkuma and Rebecca Nelson Brown. "Identification of Salt Stress Responsible ST's From Red Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass Using PCR-Based cDNA Substraction (Abstract)." International Annual Meetings. 2009. p.[52721]

Lubertazzi, Maria and Howard Ginsberg. "Persistence of Dragonfly Exuviae on Vegetation and Rock Substrates." Northeastern Naturalist. 16(1):141-147. 2009.

Mashtoly, Tamer A,, Mohamed El-Said El-Zemaity, Mohamed J. Hussein and Steven R. Alm. "LC and LD50 Values of Bacillus thuringiensis Serovar japonensis Strain Buibui Toxin to Oriental Beetle and Nothern Masked Chafer Larvae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidaea)." Journal of Economic Entomology. 102(5):1891-1895. October 2008.

Mather, Thomas N.  SEE: Brei, Brandon; Hoen, A. G.; Kotsyfakis, Michai; Miller, N. J.; Pichu, Sivakamasundqari; Pound, J. M.

Maynard, Brian K.  SEE: Ingwell, L.

Meyerson, Laura A., David V. Viola and Rebecca N. Brown. "Hybridization of Invasive Phragmites australis With a Native Subspecies in  North America." Biological Invasions. 2009.

Miller, Nathan J., William A. Thomas and Thomas N. Mather. "Evaluating a Deer-Targeted Acaricide Applicator for Area-Wide Suppression of Blacklegged Ticks, Ixodes scapularis (Acarii ixodidae), in Rhode Island."  Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 9(4):401-406. August 2009.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel A., Angela M. Madweiras, Arielle Chaves and Robert Wick. "Fungicide Sensitivty of Collototrtichum cereale Isolated From Turfgrasses in Northeastern United States." Turfgrass Science. September 17, 2009.  p.[1-10]

Nicotra, Matthew L., Anahid E. Powell, Rafael D. Rosengarten, Maria Moreno, Jan Grimwood, Fadl G. Lakkis, Stephen L. Dellaporta and Leo W. Buss. "A Hypervariable Invertebrate Allodeterminant." Current Biology. 19(7):583-589. April 2009.

Persson, Beng, Yvonne Kallberg, James E. Bray, Elspeth Bruford, Stephen L. Dellaporte, Angela D. Favia, Rosa Gonzalez Duarte, Hans Jornvall, Kathryn L. Kavanagh, Natalia Kedishvilli, Michael Kisiela, Edmund Masur, Rebekka Mindrich, Sandra Orchard, Trevor M. Penning, Janet M. Thornton, Jerzy Adamski and Udo Opperman. "The SDR (Short-Chain Dehydrogenase/Reductase and Related Enzymes) Nomenclature Initiative." Chemico-Biological Interactions. 178(1-3):94-98. March 2009.

Pichu, Sivakamasundqari, Jose M. C. Riberiro and Thomas N. Mather. "Puirification and Characterizatioon of a Novel Salivary Amtimicrobian Peptide From the Tiock, Ixodes scapularis." Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 390(3):511-515. 18 December 2009.

Pound, J. M., J. A. Miller, J. E. George, D. Fish, J. F. Carroll, T. L. Schulze, T. J. Daniels, R. Falco, K. C. Stafford and T. N. Mathers. "The United States Department of Agriculture's Northeast Area-Wide Tick Control Project: Summary and Conclusions." Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 9(4):439-448.  August 2009.

Ramoutar, Darryl, Steven R. Alm and Richard S. Cowles. "Pyrethroid Resistance in Population of Listronotus maculicolis (Coleptera: Curculionidae) From Southern New England Golf Courses." Journal of Economic Entomology. 102(1):388-392. February 2009.

Ramoutar, Darryl, Steven R. Alm and Richard S. Cowles. "Pyrethroid Resistance Mediated by Enzyme Detoxification in Listronmotus maculicollis (Coleooptera: Curculionidae) From Connecticut." Journal of Economic Entomology. 102(3):1203-1208. June 2009.

Rochlin, Ilia, Howard S. Ginsberg and L. R. Scott Campbell. "Distribution and Abundance of Host-Seeking Culex Species at Three Proximate Locations With Different Levels of West Nile Virus Activity." American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 80(4):661-668. April 2009.

Schreier, Leeann and Joel M. Chandlee. "Characterization of MADS-Box Genes of Soybean (Glycine max, L. Merr.) and Initial Functional Analysis in Whole Plant Sequence." Plant Biology. 2009. Suppl S.  P.412.

Sullivan, W. Michael. "Rhode Islanders, Let's Get Fresh and Buy Local." Providence Journal Bulletin. December 22, 2009.  p.B6.

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