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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2011


Aberdam, Eliane.  SEE also: "URI Music...."

Aberdam, Eliane Composer. Les Bons Augures. American Premier October 30, 2011; Premiered in France, June 2011.

"Bach Concert Headlines Weekend of Music at URI (Cardany, Danis, de la Garza, Frazier,  Thomas, Murray)." South County Independent. March 3, 2011.  p.C5.

Cardany, Brian.  SEE: "Bach...;" "Ensemble Pairs...;" Four...;" "Southern..."; "Trio of..."; "URI to Host...."

The Chorus of Westerly Summer Pops, George Kent, Conductor. Wilcox Park, Westerly, RI. June 25, 2011.

Conley, Mark.  SEE: "Three's...;" "URI Music...;" "URI Presents...."

Danis, Ann.  SEE: "Bach...;" ""Ensemble Pairs...;" "Last...;" "Trio of..."; "URI Honors...;" URI Music...;" "URI Presents...."

de la Garza, Rene.  SEE: "Bach..."; "Trio of...."

"Ensemble Pairs Up for Concerts (Aberdam, Cardany, Danis, Gibbs, Pollart)." South County Independent. October 27, 2011.  p.C3.

"Four-Night Jazz Series Starts This Week (Cardany)." South County Independent. April 21, 2011.  p.C2.

Frazier, Margaret. SEE: "Bach...."

Gibbs, Geoffrey.  SEE also:  Ensembles Pair...."; "URI Music...;"

Gibbs, Geoffrey. "Independent View: Like an Orchestra, We All Must Work in Harmony." (Letter)." South County Independent. October 20, 2011.  p.A9.

Gray, Channing. "Symphony No.11 Rendition Stunning (Murray)." Providence Journal. March 22, 2011.  p.A8.

Hofbauer, Eric.  SEE: "Infrared Band...;" "Music Dep...;" "University of Rhode Island Offers...;" "URI Music...."

"Infrared Band to Perform Jazz in Kingston (Hofbauer)."  South County Independent. February 24, 2011.  p.C3.

"It's All Piano All the Time This Weekend at URI (Takasawa)." South County Independent. April 7, 2011.  p.C2.

Kent, George.  SEE: The Chorus....

"Last URI Concert Comes With Just a Few Strings Attached (Danis)." South County Independent. December 15, 2011.  p.C2.

Murray, Jane.  SEE: "Bach...; Gray, Channning; "Trio of...."

"Music Department Offers All That Jazz and More at URI (Hofbauer)." South County Independent. November 24, 2011.  p.C2.

Pollart, Gene J.  SEE:  "Ensemble Pairs...;" "Southern...";"URI Music...;" "URI to Host...."

"Southern NE Honors Band Festival Starts Jan.21 (Pollart, Cardany)." TIMEOUT. January 13-14, 2011.

Takasawa, Manabu.  SEE: "It's All Piano....; "URI Piano Extravaganza...."

Thomas, Susan.  SEE: "Bach...."

"Three's the Charm at 'Choral College' (Conley)." South County Independent. November 3, 2011.  p.C3.

"Trio of Eclectic Concerts on Tap at URI (Cardany, Danis, de la Garza, Murray)." South County Independent. November 17, 2011.  p.C2.

"University of Rhode Island Offers Original Jazz Quartet in Concert on February 26 (Hofbauer)."  TIMEOUT; Narragansett Times. February 17-18, 2011. p.6.

"URI Honors String Quartet Performs Dec.18 (Danis)." TIMEOUT; Narragansett Times. December 8, 2011.  p.8.

"URI Music Season Comes to a Frenzied End (Aberdam, Conley, Danis, Gibbs, Hofbauer)." South County Independent. April 28, 2011.  p.C3.

"''URI 'Piano Extravaganza' Is Hands-On (Takasawa, Director)." South County Independent. February 10, 2011.  p.C3.

"URI Presents a Holiday Surprise (Conley, Danis)." South County Independent. December 1, 2011.  p.C2.

"URI to Host Southern NE Band Festival (Pollart, Cardany)." South County independent. January 13, 2011.  p.C2.

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