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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Cell & Molecular Biology

AhnAlllen, Christopher G., Gabrielle I. Liverant, Kristin L. Gregor, Barbara W. Kamholz, James J. Levitt, Suzy Bird Gulliver, Diego A. Pizzalli, Vamsie K. Koneru and Gary B. Kaplan. "The Relationship Between Reward-Based Learning and Nicotine Dependence in Smokers With Schizophrenia."  Psychiatry Research. 196(1):9-14. March 30, 2012.

Aldstadt, Jared, In-Kyu Yoon, Daruneer Tannitisupawong, Richard G. Jarman, Stephen J. Thomas, Robert V. Gibbons, Angkana Uppapong, Sopom Iamsirithaworn, Alan L. Rothman, Thomas W. Scott and Timothy Endy. "Space-Time Analysis of Hospitalized Dengue Patients in Rural Thailand Reveals Important Temporal Intervals in the Pattern of Dengue Virus Transmission." Tropical Medicine and International Health. 179(9):1076-1085. September 2012.

Alduaiji, A., K. Harrison, T. A. Karim, C. Zhang, M. M. Lomme, C. J. Sung, W. D. Lawrence and M. R. Quddus. "Clear Cell Carcinomas of the Mullerian System: Does the pathogenesis Vary Depending on Their Nuclear Grade and Thier Association With Endrometriosis? An Immunohistorical Analysis." Pathology Research International. 2012.

Alexander, Harriet, Bethany D. Jenkins, Tatiana Rynearson, Mark A. Saito, Melisssa M. Mercier and  Donya T. Dyhrman. "Identifying Reference Genes With Stalde Expression From High Throughput Sequence Data." Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology. 3:#395. November 2012.

Anderson, K., R. V. Gibbons, A. L. Rothman, R. Berkelman and T. P. Endy. "A Shorter Time Interval Between First and Second Dengue Infections Is Associated With Protection From Clinical Illness in a Prospective School-Based Cohort in Thailand (Abstract)." International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 165(S1):e82. June 2012.

Anderson, P. L., D. V. Glidden, A. Liu, S. Buchbinder, J. R. Lama, J. V. Gunaira, V. McMahion, L. R. Bushman, Casapia M. Montoya-Herera, V. G. Veloso, K. H. Mayer, S. Chariyalertsok, M.  Schector, L. G. Bekker, E. G. Kallas, R. M. Grant, For the PrEx Study Tea. "Entricitabine-Tenofir Concentrations and Pre-Exposure Prophylasis Efficacy in Men Who Have Sex With Men." Science Translational Med. 4(151):151ra125. September 12, 2012.

Artenstein, Andrew W. and Steven M. Opal. "Novel Approaches to the Treatment of Systemic Anthrax." Clinical Infectious Diseases. 54(8):1148-1161. April 15,  2012.

Barroeta, Julietta E., Mary E. Reilly, Margaret M. Steinhoff and W. Dwayne Lawrence. "Utility of Thin Prep Imaging Systems (r) in the Detection of Squamous Intraepthelial Abnormalities on Retrospective Evaluation: Can We Trust the Imager?" Diagnostic Cytopathology. 40(2):124-127. February 2012.

Bedoya, C. Andres, Mathew J. Mimiaga, Geetha Beauchamp, Deborah Donnell, Kenneth H. Mayer and Steven A. Safren. "Predictors of HIV Teransmission Risk Behavior and Seroconversion Among Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men in Project EXPLORE (Abstract)." AIDS Behavior. 16(3):608-617. April 16, 2012.

Beyrer, Chris, Patrick. S. Sullivan, Jorge Sanchez, David Dowd, Dennis Altman, Gift Trapence, Chris Collins, Elly Katabira, Michael Kazatchkine, Michael Sidibe and Kenneth H. Mayer. "A Call to Action for Comprehensive HIV Services for Men Who Have Sex With Men." Lancet. 380(9839):424-438. July 28, 2012.

Blackard, Jason T., Gang Ma, Jeffrey A. Welge, Christinie M. Martin, Kenneth E. Sherman, ynn. E. Taylor, Kenneth H. Mayer and Dennis J. Jamieson. "Analysis of a Non-Structural Gene Reveals Evidence of Possible Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Compartmentalization." Journal of Medical Virology. 84(2):242-252. February 2012.

Bland, Sean E., Matthew J. Mimiaga, Sari L. Reisner, Jaclyn M. White, Maura A. Driscoll, Deborah Isenberg, Kevin Cranston and Kenneth H. Mayer. "Sentencing Risk: History of Incarceration and HIV/STD Transmission Risk Behaviour Among Black Men Who Have Sex With Men in Massachusetts." Culture, Health & Sexuality. 14(3):329-345. March 2012.

Blashill, Aaron J., Conall O'Cleirigh, Kenneth H. Mayer, Brett M. Moshe and Steven A. Safren. "Body Mass Index, Depression and Sexual Transmission Risk Behaviors Among HIV-Positive MSM (Abstract)." AIDS Behavior. 26(9):567-561. September 2012.

Buchacz, K., R. K. Baker, F. J. Palello, Jr., L. Shaw, P. Patel, K. A. Lichtenstein, J. S. Chmiel, C. Velozzi, R. Debes, K. Henry, E. T. Overton, T. J. Bush, E. Tedaldi, K. H. Mayer, J. T. Brooks, the HIV Outpatient Study Investigators. "Disparities in Prevalence of Key Chronic Diseases by Gender and Race/Ethnicity Among Antiretroviral-Treated HIV-Infected Adults in the US." Antivialr Therapy. 2012.

Camberg, Jodi L. and Sue Wickner. "Regulated Proteolysis as a Force to Control the Cell Cycle." Structure. 20(7):1128-1130. July 3, 2012.

Canick, Jacob A.  SEE also: Haddow, J. E.; Palomaki, G. E.

Canick, Jacob A., Edward M. Kloza, Geralyn M. Lambert-Messerlain, James E. Haddow, Mathias Ehrioch, Dick van den Boom, Allan T. Bombard, Cosmir Deciu and Glenn E. Palomaki. "DNA Sequencing of Maternal Plasma to Identify Down Syndrome and Other Trisomies in Multiple Gestations." Prenatal Diagnosis. 32(8):730-740. August 2012.

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Christaki, Eirimi N. Laxzaridis and Steven M. Opal. "Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products in Bacterial Infection: Is There a Role for Immune Modulation of Receptor for Advanced Glycation and Products in the Treatment of Sepsis."  Current Opinions on  Infectious Disease.  25(3):304-311. June 2012.

Cohen, Jonathan, Steven Opal and Thierry Calandra. "Sepsis Studies Need New Direction." Infectious Diseases. 12(7):503-505. July 2012.

Cohen, Paul S.  SEE: Leatham-Jensen, Mary P.

Cousens, L. P., F. Mingozzi, S. V. D. Marel, Y. Su, R. Garman, V. Ferreira, W. Martin, D. W. Scott and A. S. DeGroot. "Teaching Tolerance: New Approaches to Enzyme Replsacement Therapy for Pompe Disease." Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics. 8(10):1459-1464. 2012.

Cousens, L. P., L. Levitz, R. Tassone, T. Messitt, W. Martin and A. S. De Groot. "Tregitope Mechanism of Action in Tolerance Induction (Abstract)." Inflammation Research. 61(S):S13. September 2012.

Dao, C., W. Zhao, M. Karim, Marta Gomez-Chiarri, D. Nelson and D. Rowley. "Investigations of Interactions Between Host, Pathogens, and Probiotic Bacteria (Abstract)." Planta Medica. 78(11):1163. August.

De Groot, Anne S.  SEE also: Cousens,Leslie P; Gutierrez, A. H.; Elfaki, M. E.; Levitz, Lauren; Moise, Leonard; Poole, D.; Sanov, M. P.; Scott, David W.; Spero, Denice; Toueille, M.; van der Marel, Sander; von Logenstein, Richard; Wei, Ruicheng.

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DeGroot, Anne S. "Fifth Vaccine Renaissance Introduction." Human Vaccines & Immunotherepeutics. 9(7):964. July 2012.

DeGroot, A. S., L. Moise, O. Koita, K. Sangare, L. Levitz, J. Rozenhal, Z. Koty, K. TounKara, M./ Ardito, C. M. Boyle, M. Rochas and W. Martin. "Further Confirmation of Broadly Conserved, High Immunogenic Cross-Clade HIV CTL Epitopes for Inclusion in the GAIA (Poster Session)." Retrovirology. 9(S2):P295. September 13, 2012

DeGroot, Anne S, Lauren Levitz, Matthew T. Ardito, Gail Skowron, Kenneth H. Mayer, Spren Buus, Christine M. Boyle and William D. Martin. "Further Progress on Defining Highly Conserved Immunogenic Epitopes for a Global HIV Vaccine: HLA-A3-Restricted GAIA Vaccine Epitopes." Human Vaccines and Immunology. 8(7):991-1004. July 2012.

De Groot, Anne S., Editorial Board. Human Vaccines. Vol.8, 2012.

De Groot, Anne S., Tobias Cohen, Lenny Moise and William D. Martin. "Reducing Protein Immunogenecity by Design: Deimmunization and Tolerance Induction."  IN: Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT), Duublin, Ireland, June 7-10, 2009.  2012. 5:5250534.

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DeGroot, Leslie and Jorge Mestman. "Hormone Health's Network's Patient Guide to Hyperthyrodism Before, During, and After Pregnancy (Editorial)." Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. 97(8):37A-378(A) (sic). 2012.

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Eklund, Claire.  SEE: Gage, Julia C.

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Graves, Amy Johnson.  SEE: Wharam, J. Frank.

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