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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012


Abrantes, Ana M., Nicole McLaughlin, Benjamin D. Greenberg, David R. Strong, Deborah Riebe, Maria Mancebo, Steven Rasmussen, Julie Desaulniers and Richard A. Brown. "Design and Rational for a Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Efficacy of Aerobic Exercise for Patients With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder." Mental Health and Physical Activity. 5(2):155-165. December 2012.

Abrantes, Ana M., Joseph H. Friedman, Richard A. Brown, David R. Strong J. Desaulniers, Elise Ing, Jennifer Sutelli and Debra Riebe. "Physical Activity and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease." Psychiatry Nursing. 25(3):138-145. September 2012.

Amoyal, Nicole and Elizabeth Fallon. "Physical Exercise and Cognitive Training Clinical Interventions Used in Slowing Degeneration Associated With Mild Cognitive Impairment." Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. 26(3):208-216. July-September  2012.

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Beebe, N. E., S. Manganti, L. Katkowski, M. Benson, M. J. Delmonico and I. E. Lofgren. "Comparing Diet Quality Based on a Dietary Screening Tool snd the DASH Diet Index in Obese, Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26. April 2012.

Benson, M. C., A. Katkowski, S. Magnanti, F. R. Xu, I. E. Lofgren and M. J. Delmonico. "Effect of Tai Chi on Physical Function During Weight Loss in Obese, Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26:388. April 2012.

Blaney, Cerissa,  Mark L. Robbins, Andrea C. Paiva, Colleen A. Redding, Joseph S. Rossi, Bryan Blissmer, Caitlin Burdett and Karen Oatley. "Validation of the Measures of the Transtheoretical Model for Exercise in an Adult Afro-American Sample." American Journal of Health Promotion. 26(5):317-325. May/June 2012.

Blissmer, Bryan.  SEE: Blaney, Cerisse;  Paiva, Andrea; Riebe Deborah.

Bopp, Melissa, Elizabeth A. Fallon, Debra J. Bolton, Andrew T. Kaczynski, Susan Lukwago and Alicia Brooks. "Conducting a Hispanic Health Needs Assessment in Rural Kansas: Building the Foundation for Community Action." Evaluation and Program Planning. 35(4):453-460. November 22, 2012.

Bopp, Melissa, Elizabeth A. Fallon, Debra J. Belton and Donald Kahl. "Engaging Community Partners to Develop a Culturally Relevant Resource Guide for Physical Activity and Nutrition." Ethnicity and Diseases. 22(2):231-238. Spring 2012.

Buckley, Danielle, Nicole De Mila, Stephanie Tanzi, Furong Xu and Linda S. Lamont. "A Diabetic Adolescent Case Study: Use of a Website in Combination With An Exercise Program to Increase Physical Activity." International Journal of Exercise Science. 5(3):296-300. 2012.

Delmonico, Matthew J.  SEE; Katkowski, Lynn A.; Kostek, M. C.; Sood, Suchi; Straight, Chad R.; Tseng, L. A.

Dymowska, Agnieszka K., Thomas Manfredi, Joshua J. Rosenthal and Brad A. Seibel. "Temperature Compensation of Aerobic Capacity and Performance in the Antarctic Pteropod, Clione antarctica, Compared to Its Northern Congener, C. limacona." Journal of Experimental Biology. 215(19):3370-3378. October 2012.

Evans, E. M., D. Riebe, C. E. Garber and D. A. Rowe. "Physical Activity, Fitness, and Fatness: Interactive Implications for Physical Function and Quality of Life in Older Adults (Abstract)." Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 20(S):S23. August 2012.

Fallon, Elizabeth A.  SEE: Amoyal, N.; Bopp, Melissa; Webb, Benjamin.

Garber, Carol E.  SEE also: Armstrong, Hilary F.; Evans, E. M.;Kim, Yeon Soo,

Garber, C. E. and C. R. Nigg. "Perspectives on Interviewing on Physical Inactivity and Diet." Health Education Behavior. 39(2):123-126. April 2012.

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Greene, Geoffrey W., Adrienne A. White, Sharon L. Hoerr, B. Lohse, S. M. Schembre, D. Riebe. J. Patterson and Beatrice W. Phillips. "Impact of an Online Healthful Eating and Physical Activity Program for College Students." American Journal of Health Promotion. 12(11):5850-5855. November 14, 2012.

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Kim, Yeon Soo, Yoon Soo Park, John P. Allegrante, Ray Marks, Haean Ok, Kang Ok Cho and Carol Ewing Garber. "Relationship Between Physical Activity and General Mental Health." Preventive Medicine. 55:458-463. November 2012.

Kostek, M. C. and M. J. Delmonico. "Age-Related Changes in Adult Muscle Morphology." Current Aging Science. 2011.

Lamont, Linda S.  SEE also: Buckley, Danielle.

Lamont, Linda S. "A Critical Review of Recommendations to Increase Dietary Protein Requirements in the Habitually Active." Nutrition and Research Review. 25(1):142-149. June 2012.

Manfredi, Thomas G.  SEE: Dymoska, A. K.

Paiva, Andrea, James O. Prochaska, Hui-Qing Yin, Joseph S. Rossi, Colleen A. Redding, Bryan Blissmer, Mark L. Robbins, Wayne F. Velicer, Jessica Lipschitz, Nicole Amoyal, Steven F. Babbin, Cerissa L. Blaney, Marie A. Sillice, Anne Fernandez, Heather McGhee and Horiuchi Satoshi. "Treated Individuals Who Progress to Action or Maintenance for One Behavior Are More Likely to Make Similar Progress on Another Behavior: Coaction Results of a Pooled Data Analysis of Three Trials." Preventive Medicine. 54(5):331-334. May 1,  2012.

Riebe, Deborah.   SEE also: Abrantes, Ana M.; Evans, Ellen M.; Greene, Geoffrey W.

Riebe, Deborah. "The Exercise is Medicine (R) Credential (Editorial)." ACSMS Health & Fitness Journal. 16(2):29-30. March-April 2012.

Riebe, Deborah. "Group Exercise Instruction More Than Aerobic Dance." ACSMS Health & Fitness Journal. 16(6):34-35. November-December 2012.

Riebe, Deborah. "It's Time for a Change ... Behavior Change." ACSMS Health & Fitness Journal. 16(4):33-34. July-August 2012.

Riebe, Deborah and Bryan Blissmer. "Obesity and Psychological; Well Being: Physical Activity, Obesity and Quality of Life (Abstract)." Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 20(S):S24. August 2012.

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Straight, Chad R., Leah H. Dortman, Kathryn E. Cottrell, Julie M. Krol, Ingrid E. Lofgren and Matthew J. Delmonico. "Effects of Resistance Training and Dietary Changes on Physical Function and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Older Adults." Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 9(6):875-883. August 2012.

Tseng, L. A., M. Delmonico, M. Visser, R. Boudreau, B. Goodpastor, A. V. Schwartz, E. M. Simonsick and A. B. Newman. "Body Fat and Muscle Attenuation Explain Differential in Lower Extremity Function in Health ABC (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 52(S1):447. November 2012.

Webb, Benjamin, Melissa Bopp and Elizabeth A. Fallon. "A Qualitative Study of Faith Leaders' Perceptions of Health and Wellness (Abstract)." Journal of Religion and Health. 41(S1):S33. April 2011.

Xu, Furong.  SEE: Benson, M. C.; Katkowski, Lynn A.;   Lamont, Linda S.

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