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Faculty Publications 2013



Austin, S. Bryn, Tracey K. Richmond, Jennifer Spadano-Gasgarro, Mary L. Greaney, Emily A. Blood, Courtney Walls and Monica L. Wang. "The Contribution of School Environmental Factors to Individual and School Variation in Disordered  Weight Control Behaviors in a Statewide Sample of Middle Schools." Eating Disorders.  21(2):91-108. March/April

Beck, Darren T.  SEE also: Beggs, L.; Yarrow, Joshua F.; Ye, F.

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Fallon, Elizabeth A.  SEE also: Bopp, Melissa; Fields, Robert; Hastmann, Taris; Johnson, Paige; Webb, Benjamin.

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Greaney, Mary L.  SEE:  Austin, S. Bryn; Bennett, Gary G.; Richmond, Tracey K.; Choi, Hye-Jung; Ritzwoller, Debra P.; Wang, Mary L.                       

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