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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Mechanical, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Ale, Bhaskar and Carl-Ernst Rousseau. "Dynamic Attraction and Comprehensive Characterization of Syntactic Foams." Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology. 135(3):031007. July 2013.  6p.

Anagnostopoulos, Constantine N.  SEE: Chen, Hong

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Chelidze, David.  SEE also: Nguyen, Son Hai.

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Datseris, Philip.  SEE: Liu, Ming.

Dewhurst, Peter.  SEE: Boothroy, Geoffrey.

Faghri, Mohammad.  SEE aqlso: Chen, Hong; Yamada, Toru.

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Ghonem, Hamouda.  SEE: Dahal, Jinesh; Maciejewski, Kimberly; Sun, Yaofeng.

Godfrin, Michael P., Fei Guo, Indrani Chakaborty, Nicholas Heeder, Arun Shukla, Arijit Bose, Robert H. Hurt and Anubhav Tripathi. "Shear-Directed Assembly of Graphene Oxide in  Aqueous Dispersions into Ordered Arrays." Langmuir. 29(43):13162-13167. October 29, 2013.

Goni, Miguel A. and Carl-Ernst Rousseau. "On the Validity and Improvement of the Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Immersion Technique to Measure Real Attenuation." Ultrasonics. 2013.

He, Wayne Wenchao, Wen Xiong and Zongqin Zhang. "Developing an Advanced Content-Based Technical Chinese Courser for Engineers (Abstract)."  IN: Program of the National Chinese Language Conference, Boston, April7-9, 2013.

Jouaneh, Musa K.  SEE also: Schumacher, Paul.

Jouaneh, Musa K. and William J. Palm, III. "Control Systems Take-Home Experiments." IEEE Control Systems. 33(4):44-53. August 2013.

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Knight, Winston A.  SEE also: Boothroyd, Geoffrey.

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LeBlanc, James and Arun Shukla. "Transient Response of eGlass/Vinyl-Ester Plates Subjected to Underwater Explosions: Experimental and Computational Comparisons."  IN: International SAMPE Technical Conference and Exhibits, 2012. Navigating the Global Landscape for the New Composites. 2013.

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Palm, William J.  SEE: Cengel, Yunus A.; Jouaneh, Musa K.

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Rousseau, Carl-Ernst.  SEE: Ale, Bhaskar; Goni, Miguel A.

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Shukla, Arun.  SEE also: Cardoza, S.; Godfrin, Michael P.; Kumar, Puneet; King, J.-H.;  LeBlanc, James; Phadnis, V. A.; Wang, Erheng.

Shukla, Arun, Yapa D. S. Rajapakse and Mary Ellen Hynes. Blast Mitigation. Springer 2013.

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Sodhi, Manbir S.  SEE: Lamont, Bernard F.; Maier-Speredelozzi, Valerie.

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White, Frank M.  SEE also:m Cheng, Ralph T.

White, Frank M. "Math Test Too Hard (Letter)." Providence Journal. March 11, 2013.  p.A13.

White, Frank M. "'NECAP Spring' Hits R.I. (Letter)." Providence Journal. April 5, 2013.  p.A15.

White, Frank M. "Print Names of NRA-Lackey Solons (Letter)." Providence Sunday Journal. January 13, 2013.  p.F7.

Yamada, Toru, Sina Hamian, Bengt Sundun, Keunhan Park and Mohammad Faghri. "Diffusive-Ballistic Heat Transport in Thin Films Using Energy Conserving Dissipative Particle Dynamics." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 61(1):287-292. June 2013.

Yamada, Toru, Yukata Asako, Mohammad Faghri and Bengt Sunden. "Effect of the Surface Tensison of Liquid-Solid Interface on Liquid Flow in Parallel-Plate Sub-Maon Cyhannels Using Milti-Body DIssipaptive Particle Dynamics." IN: Proceedings of the ASME 13th International Conference on Neurochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels, ICNMM 2013.

Zhang, Zongqin.  SEE: He, Wayne Wenchao.

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