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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Physical Therapy

Audette, Jennifer G.  SEE: Klappa, mS.

Blanpied, Peter.  SEE: Healey, Kellie C.

Conley, K. M., D. J Bolin, P J Carek, J. G. Konin, T. L. Neal and D. Violette. "National Athletic Trainers' Association Position Statement: Preparticipation Physical Examinations and Disqualifying Conditions." JAT. 49(1):102-120. 2014.

Healey, Kellie C., Disa L. Hatfield, Peter Blanpied, Leah R. Dorfman and Deborah Riebe. "The Effects of Myofascial Release With Foam Rolling on Performance." Journal of Strenth and Conditioning Research. 28(1):61-68.  January 2014

Klappa, S., J. Audette and S. Do. "The Roles, Barriers and Experiences of Rehabilitation in Disaster Relief: Post-Earthquake Haiti 2010." Disability and Rehabilitation. 36(4):330-338. February 2014.

Konin, Jeffrey G.  SEE: Conley, K. M.; Miller, M. D.

Miller, Mark D, Anikar A. Chhabra, Jeff G. Komin, Dilaaware Mistry and Justin W. Griffin. Sports Medicine Conditions: Return to Play: Recognition, Treatment, Planning. Lippincott, Williams & Willkins. 2014. 396p.

Agostinucci, Marcoux, Resnick, Romeo, Roush, Rowinski

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